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Investing in a good quality cam right away is ideal. The better your image and sound is when you first start out, the better chance you have at grabbing viewers' attention. You may know the saying "you have to spend money to make money" and that is the case here.

Logitech is the best way to go! You'll need to install Logitech drivers in order to have broad control over how your webcam looks. If you're running OS X you may need to use a third party app to change settings. You may also want to run a program such as ManyCam to add extra features to your video stream.

The most widely used

Logitech c920 - Costs around $40-$150, depending on where you find it. This has been the most popular among cam girls since around 2016. Records and streams in 1080p. Dual stereo microphones. Tripod compatible. 78 degree field of view. There is a slightly older version of this cam marketed as the C910 which may be discontinued at this point.

Logitech c922x - Costs around $75-$150, depending on where you find it. This camera is also popular among Twitch streamers as it has integrated background replacement (like a green-screen effect). Records and streams in 1080p/720p. Dual stereo microphones. Tripod compatible. 78 degree field of view. There is a version without the 'x' that also includes a free tiny desktop tripod. The 'x' version includes a free 6-month premium XSplit license.

Logitech c930e - Also marketed as "PRO WEBCAM Ultra Wide Angle HD Webcam". Costs around $60-$150. Records and streams in 1080p. Dual stereo microphones. Tripod compatible. It has a wider angle than the c920/922 (90 degree field of view )and also works directly on OS X as it does not require the standard Logitech drivers that other cams use. This also makes the settings a little harder to fine tune and some girls have been too frustrated with that to use it, so they prefer the c920.

Logitech Brio - Also marketed as "4k PRO WEBCAM". Costs around $170-$200, depending on where you find it. Records and streams in 4k/1080p/720p. Dual stereo microphones. Tripod compatible (must remove the standard base to access the tripod screw hole. Has been known to not reattach well after removal, though). 90 degree field of view (adjustable 65/78/90 degrees). This is one of the highest quality webcams you can get, but has been reported to be difficult to adjust in the settings (auto focus, auto exposure, etc are not adjustable, I believe.)

Older and less popular but still useful

Logitech 9000 - It is basically discontinued, though you can find it refurbished around the web for around $50-$150. Records and streams in 720p. Single microphone. Not tripod compatible. Seems to record and stream warmer color tones than those listed above so some girls still prefer it even though it is not full HD.

Logitech c615 - Costs $40-$80. Records in 1080p, streams in 720p. Tripod compatible.

Logitech c510/525 - Costs $35-$60. Records and streams in 720p. Not tripod compatible.

Cameras to avoid

Microsoft Lifecam - The auto-adjust does not turn off and makes the camera very choppy at best, horrible picture at worst.

Built-in laptop cameras - Very rarely do they promote a clear image, and not having an external mic can provide very bad audio to your viewers.

Some things to keep in mind for whatever cam you choose

  • You must get familiar with the settings in the software. Leaving settings on default is NOT the way to go.
  • Turning OFF the auto-focus setting is a good idea. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a cam girl move around and dance or try and be sexy and her cam keeps trying to auto-focus, leaving the image blurry for moments at a time constantly.
  • The exposure/gain settings need to be adjusted. Depending on how bright or dim the cam room is, you'll need to turn these up or down. Do not leave these settings on "auto".
  • White balance setting must be adjusted. Having a weird color hue on your cam stream is really distracting. The more natural the color is, the better. Do not leave this setting on "auto."
  • Attaching your webcam to a tripod makes for easy mobility and great adjustability. Depending on where you cam from (a bed, a desk, the floor) it will help you be flexible with the positions you cam in, and reduces the movement and noise experienced from having your cam on top of your laptop lid. Some cams do not have a tripod attachment, but you can get creative with velcro or zip ties!