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Privacy - Unfortunately, if privacy is a major concern, one may need to reconsider their plan as a cam girl. No matter what precautions you may take to maintain your privacy, there is always the risk of friends, family, and acquaintances finding you. Using a stage name and a fake persona is highly encouraged, but will not 100% guarantee safety or secrecy.

Safety - There are also steps you need to take to avoid giving your identifying information to your followers and members. Stalking and harassment is a real thing. You want to 100% separate your online persona from your real life details.

Below you will find some advice and information on how to keep your privacy and safety as in-tact as possible.

Your Public Profile and Social Media

Using a stage name, fake or vague location (or just refusing to divulge your location), fake age/birthdate on any public profiles is encouraged. See Signing up and creating a profile for more info.

Never use any photos for your cam site profile(s) that you have shared on mainstream sites as they can be reverse image searched and traced back to your real-life profiles. Many cam girls change their real full name to a nickname on Facebook or other real-life related accounts and set their default photo/avatar as something less identifying. Also make sure to utilize privacy settings on Facebook, etc. to limit the range of strangers who can access your real-life profile information. (e.g. setting it so only approved friends can read your location info, see your friend list, view your timeline and such.) Some girls find it easier to just completely delete real-life site profiles altogether if they're extremely focused on their cam girl career.

Any posts or images you share on your cam persona profiles should be void of any identifying information. Do not mention locations or venues you will be visiting ahead of time, and do not include landmarks or addresses (or other tidbits that show identifying information) in images that you post. You don't want your followers to be able to plan ahead to be able to find you in person.

Turn off "location services" on photo and social media apps on your smartphones and tablets so you do not accidentally post location information. Check any EXIF data on images to ensure no location information is stored there (some cameras use GPS and include it in this data.)

Address Privacy (for Wishlists and mailing out physical goods)

Never use your actual mailing address on any wishlist you might create, even if the site claims to keep your address private. There are ways (delivery tracking and 3rd party sellers) that members can and will see your mailing address. Get a PO box or UPS box set up in your stage name(preferably one outside of your actual city/zip code) for any deliveries you may receive to protect your home address from being revealed.

Also, use a PO box or UPS box as a return address if you mail out physical items to your members. Remember that if you ship items out directly from your house, your local zip code will be printed on the envelope or box. You'll need to drive to a drop off location outside of your actual city/zip code to mail items out safely.

Geoblocking: Regional Blocking

Most popular cam sites offer the model the ability to block specific states or regions to protect the model's privacy. Geoblocking typically relies on the member or guest's IP address and will prevent him or her from viewing any rooms that have that area blocked. If someone from Alabama visited Georgia, they would be able to view models who have Alabama usually blocked. Also, anyone using a proxy would be able to view the room regardless of where they were located. It is VERY common for members to use a proxy or VPN to access cam sites, so please know that using Geoblocking is only mildly effective and does not guarantee someone from your area being able to watch you, and certainly does not eliminate the possibility of being identified if your content is shared on other areas of the Internet.

Recorded Video and Tube Sites

Oftentimes, cam girls will find their own video on free tube sites, uploaded from members or guests in their room that have recorded them. Usually these are explicit shows and can be recorded in free or paid chat areas. If you find yourself recorded, send your cam site an email and ask them to send the tube site a notice to remove it. Though be forewarned, some cam sites will allow the videos to stay up (or upload them themselves) for advertising purposes. Read your model contract with the cam site for more information on this.

The Website's Rights to Your Video

Most cam sites make you sign an agreement before you are allowed to perform stating that any video streamed to the site by the model will become property of the cam site itself. This means that legally, anything you do or say in your chat room is their property and they may use it in whatever way they wish to for advertising purposes.

This means that a private session between just one model and a paying member may be used in advertising purposes in those XXX pop-ups, “singles in your area” banners, or they may use your recorded free chat video or picture along with a chatbot to make it seem as if you personally are talking to guys in order to direct them to the website.

Will my future employers know? Will my family find out?

This is definitely something that can happen, and something to consider before jumping into being a cam girl. If you make an effort to completely separate your legal name and information and your cam girl persona, it can limit the ability for people to search you out or stumble upon you in the future, but never count on your cam life remaining a secret. If someone finding out about your cam girl career could "ruin your life" or prevent you from getting/keeping your future dream job, please consider a less taboo job. Being a cam girl isn't for everyone. There are a lot of sacrificed involved when you take on a job in the adult industry, including having to lie to friends and family if you don't want them knowing. It can be tough. Make sure you're ok with all of this before jumping in.