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When camming, you'll see a lot of acronyms and terms you might not be aware of initially either in your own room, in other model's rooms, or from members asking if you offer them. Here's a dictionary of terms you may come across.

A - E

ATM/A2M: Ass-to-Mouth. Can refer to using a toy or your fingers inside your ass, then either licking or performing oral on either, or the act of a person licking or using their tongue inside/around someone's asshole.

BA: Beautiful Agony. Refers to a style of cum show where only the face is shown. Many girls include everything above their waist in view, but the original "Beautiful Agony" website that coined this phrase only shows face and focuses on the intimate expressions during a girl's orgasm.

BDSM: Bondage+Discipline/Dominance+Submission/Slave+Master. A broad term encompassing many aspects of lifestyle or kink play. If asked if BDSM offered, member usually is asking if you perform master/slave roleplay, spanking, femdom, or are submissive.

B/G: Boy/Girl. Normally referring to the type of content included in a video or show and whether it involves another person. (See also G/G for Girl/Girl)

BJ: Blowjob. Usually performed on a toy unless there is more than one model.

C2C: Cam-to-Cam. Many camsites offer the option of a model being able to turn on a member's webcam so that they can also view the member as the member is watching the model.

CEI: Cum Eating Instruction. Typically the model will instruct the member to masturbate to orgasm and then eat his own cum. Often paired with JOI.

DP: Double Penetration. Usually done by using two toys, one vaginally, one anally.

F - K

Femdom: Female Domination. This can include a myriad of more specific kinks and fetishes, but generally is based off of the female model being in control of the submissive member often over C2C.

Finsub: Financial submissive. A person who enjoys being financially controlled by a model (A model who "does finsub" is a model who is accepting financial submissives).

GFE: Girlfriend Experience. The model provides a personal-style experience that mimics the relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

G/G: Girl/Girl. Normally referring to the type of content included in a video or show and whether it includes another person. (See also B/G for Boy/Girl)

Hitachi: Hitachi Magic Wand. Has a huge cult following by any female who has come into contact with one for being one of the most powerful body massagers to use for clitoral stimulation. Commonly used in cam shows as it can produce very intense orgasms. Insertable attachments are also available for purchase.

JOI: Jerk Off Instruction. The model will instruct the member, often via Cam-to-Cam, how to masturbate to orgasm in detail.

L - S

Ninja: A person who tips invisibly so the room cannot see it, but the cam girl can. Many cam girls will verbally thank "Ninja" instead of stating the member's name in order to keep their info private. (aka "Ninja Tip")

PM: Private Message.

POV: Point of View. POV shows are usually done where the camera is placed in a way that it looks as if the camera is the member's eyes if he were there.

SPH/SCH: Small Penis Humilation/Small Cock Humiliation. Simply the act of humiliating the member by telling them in great detail their inadequacies due to their lacking penis size. Often done in C2C so you can watch them as you insult them.

Sybian: An extremely powerful masturbation device with a saddle-like seat with external attachments for insertion in which the vibration speeds can be manipulated.

T - Z

Troll: Someone who purposefully tries to get a rise out of you by saying strange or upsetting things. Best ignored and muted/banned immediately, as any response may be considered "feeding the troll" and gives them satisfaction.

Yellow wall: Usually refers to a constant stream of tips, one directly after the other, normally without any chat in between. This got its name from MyFreeCams members/models due to the yellow highlight around tips in a cam girl's room.

Zero/Twenty or 0/20: Specifically on MyFreeCams, refers to having 0 tokens and 20 reward points, which means the member has only purchased tokens ONCE to go premium. Depending on how long they've been a member, it's thought that they are unlikely to buy tokens again and are frequently the most demanding/vocal in chat with no intention to tip.