Common Terms and Acronyms

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When camming, you'll see a lot of acronyms and terms you might not be aware of initially either in your own room, in other model's rooms, or from members asking if you offer them. Here's a dictionary of terms you may come across.

A - E

ATM/A2M: Ass-to-Mouth. Can refer to using a toy or your fingers inside your ass, then either licking or performing oral of either, or the act of a person licking or using their tongue inside/around someone's asshole.

C2C: Cam-to-Cam. Many camsites offer the option of a model being able to turn on a member's webcam so that they can also view the member as the member is watching the model.
CEI: Cum Eating Instruction. Typically the model will instruct the member to masturbate to orgasm and then eat his own cum. Often paired with JOI.

F - K

JOI: Jerk Off Instruction. The model will instruct the member, often via Cam-to-Cam, how to masturbate to orgasm in detail.

L - S

T - Z