Consider your comfort zone

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Knowing your comfort zone and sticking to it will help you to avoid burn out and unnecessary stress. By only doing things you are comfortable with and enjoy, members will notice and you will end up making much more than if you push yourself past your limits and do things you aren't comfortable with or dislike.

Defining Your Limits

When you begin camming, it is a good idea to define what you will and will not do on cam. You can write these limits on your profile or where it may be visible to other members to let everyone know what you will and will not do in your shows. Everyone's comfort level is different so don't be afraid of refusing to do anything you aren't comfortable with. You are not expected to do anything you do not wish to but remember to clearly communicate your limits to members so that there is no confusion.

Common Limits

If you are new to camming, you may not even know what all of your limits will be until you encounter someone requesting it. You may decide that you will only get naked in paid chat, this is a common limit. Some other common limits are:

Showing specific body parts such as feet, ass, or stomach.
Anal (toy insertion, fingers, anything to do with it)
C2C (Cam-to-Cam, viewing a member's webcam)
Moaning a member's name
Giving out your location
Dirty talk
Certain roleplay scenarios such as incest, racial, rape, etc.
Not doing custom content
Not doing Skype sessions

Your limits may change over time and there is nothing wrong with suddenly deciding you are not okay with something you've offered before, or deciding to do something you refused before.

Saying “No”/Kicking/Banning

There will always be members trying to convince you to do what they want to see regardless of your limits. There are several ways to deal with this according to how the member reacts and NEVER be afraid of telling them “no”.

You can inform them that you are not comfortable with their request but you really enjoy doing A, B, or C if they like that as much as you do.

If they persist, you can say that you aren't comfortable with them not respecting your comfort level but you are sure they can find other models who would be happy to indulge their request. If they continue, do not be afraid to kick or ban them from your room at any time—you may give them as much or little warning as you feel necessary.

Many girls will ban members immediately without warning for demanding or requesting anything illegal, against site rules, or anything they personally find disgusting.

Being "non-nude"

It is absolutely OK if you decided you'd like to be a non-nude cam girl. There is still a lot to be offered without being naked. Many members on cam sites enjoy genuine interaction with a real person, and you can provide that! There is also a lot to be said about being flirty and teasing without actually removing your clothes. Be sure, though, that you are very up-front about your intentions. Misleading members into thinking you'll eventually get naked for their money will reflect badly on you, and could get you banned on many sites.

Will I Not Make As Much?

If you are doing something that you find degrading or against your own ethics simply for money, you will not make much money in the long run because you will burn out quickly. You will make much more money doing something you enjoy because the members will notice that you seem to genuinely enjoy what you are doing.

If you hate what you are doing, members will definitely notice and many will not come back or spend any more money on you. Would you rather pay a massage therapist who loves his job and spends much more time on each individual muscle, or a massage therapist who seems burnt out and simple goes through the motions wanting the session to be over with?