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Once you are somewhat established as a cam girl, you may consider teaming up with other girls either for live shows or to create content for sale. Make sure to follow the appropriate steps on your cam site to ensure that your model friend is approved with the correct documents before streaming.

Which girl's account to use?

There are multiple methods for camming with other girls, you'll want to weigh the pros and cons of each one before deciding together what you will do.

  • Cam on one girls account the entire time and split the profits. This can be helpful if one model has much higher camscore (therefore higher placement) or if one model is shooting for a rank goal on MyFreeCams, for example. See Income split and taxes below for more info about this. It also makes it easier to focus on one room. Another thing to consider is changing the room name to reflect both of you, e.g. "JillandJane" or similar. This can be helpful, but also may confuse members looking for the old name.
  • Cam on one girls account for a set amount of time, then switch. This could be a set time, or a different shift, or simply "when we hit x goal we'll move to the other room for the next countdown'.
  • Keep both rooms open separately at the same time. This is especially helpful for large gatherings where you have 3 or more models in one room. It also can be helpful to remind members that you both need to get paid (if you cam in one room you'll need to set higher counts to compensate). If you cam on separate accounts be sure to discuss whether you'll just cam side by side and run your own room your own way, or if you will both set matching countdowns or tip amounts for interactions like kisses etc. If you're running matching countdowns it's suggested (and polite) that when one model reaches her first countdown she encourage members to finish the other models countdown before continuing. (For example, if model A hits a topless countdown, and model B still has 400 tokens remaining, model A would not put up a Naked countdown until model B had finished her 400 tokens count). The downsides to this method mean that there is less interaction between the models as they each focus on their own chat room.

How does ranking and camscore play into your decision?

  • If a cam girl has a considerably lower camscore, it may be best to cam on the higher camscore account, at least at first. If the goal is to boost the lower camscore higher, switching rooms later in the shift and directing all traffic to the lower camscore room may work well.
  • If a cam girl is going for an income based rank, it may be best to consider camming most of the time on that account.

Income split and taxes

If you are camming on one account you should make it clear what % the split will be. The model whose account you use will need to set aside a % for taxes (usually 20-35%) before splitting the remainder. Also be clear on when the payment will be made (immediately or after MFC pays out) and how it will be delivered. It's best to get all this in writing, especially if you will be waiting to be paid.

If you are camming on separate accounts, will you each keep whatever you make or will you add the amounts together, deduct an agreed upon % for taxes, then work out the split. If you keep whatever you each make, this may be a fairer option especially if one model has a bigger following or receives lots of big tips from her regulars, which she's done extensive work to build relationships with. However, if there is such a disparity, it's really important that the model who is likely to do well is encouraging members to finish countdowns, and spend tokens in the other models room.


Your First Meeting

Your first time meeting someone you've only spoken to on the Internet can be surprising. You may find that the chemistry is off, or that the person does not behave the way you thought they should/would. If possible, it's always best to meet in a neutral location off camera first. If this isn't possible, meeting at a hotel may be a good option and bringing someone with you to keep you safe. If you do not have someone to go with you, make sure someone knows exactly where you are and set up a safecall system.

Remember that just because a camera is rolling and you're being paid does not mean you cannot change your mind at any point, for any reason.

If there are adult conventions near you or that you can travel to this can be a great place to meet models and arrange future collaborations.

Precautions to protect personal information

Some models like to share everything upon first meeting another model. Don't assume that because another model is a 'coworker' or seems friendly that she will be any more trustworthy than a site member. Guard your personal information. If you are doing anything involving genital contact it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you both get tested. This is standard in the adult film industry and should be standard in the camming industry, too. In order to verify test results, you'll need to exchange personal info. Also if you're doing a show where you will be recording any content that will be hosted on your own website now or in the future you will need to get a copy of the models ID and 2257 documents. You should also consider a signed model release. In all three of these situations you will be sharing personal info. While it might be nice to hope that since you will have her info, she'll be careful with your privacy that is not always the case. She could put the information online using an anonymous account, or she may simply not take her privacy as seriously as you do. In this situation, its highly recommended that you both sign a confidentiality agreement which stipulates that all personal information is to be kept confidential.

Blocked regions on one girl's account

If a cam girl blocks a region on her account it's usually best practice for the other model to apply that block to her account, when its in use. Any members that are regulars will still be able to access the room as long as they are on the model's friendslist.

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