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The better you look and feel, the more money you will make! Confidence in your appearance and the state of your body is incredibly important when you get on camera.

Viewers on a cam site could be interested or attracted to many different appearances and looks. Some may enjoy girls with long dark flowing hair, others like it short and colorful... others may enjoy a girl with full, bushy pubic hair! It's all about finding what your style is, and maintaining that in a healthy and confident way.

Hair Care

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Body Hair Removal

While some viewers may be very excited by a full bush "down there", it is extremely common for cam girls to be mostly hairless when it comes to underarms, legs and bikini area. Legs and underarms seem to be relatively simple to keep hair-free, but maintaining your hair style in your bikini area can be troublesome and tedious. These are the most common processes of hair removal and some tips on how to go about them.


The quickest and most popular form of hair removal. Girls with sensitive skin may have trouble with "razor rash" and ingrown hairs from shaving, though. Here are some tips to minimize irritation:

  • Exfoliate! Sloughing off dead skin (gently) can help reduce the amount of ingrown hairs (as they tend to get trapped under a layer of skin).
  • Shaving "with the grain" is a common recomendation, but does leave a bit of visible hair. Shaving against the direction the hair grows will get a closer, smoother result, but also irritates the skin more.
  • Use an unscented shaving cream or gel, or "Coochy Cream" which is made for shaving girly parts. It has the consistency of hair conditioner and doesn't lather.
  • Don't go over the same spot multiple times with your razor.
  • Use a razor with less blades. It has been theorized that the more blades there are, the more irritated your skin could get. This of course goes along with the advice to not go over the same spot multiple times.


Waxing essentially rips the hair out by the root. It can be pretty painful and jarring, but it leaves you much smoother and softer than shaving, and leaves you hair-free for a longer period of time than shaving.

In order to be waxed, you'll need to grow your hair out to be at least 1/4 inch long in order for the wax to grab on to it. This means that in between waxing sessions you'll need to have a period of time where you're a bit hairy. The results of the wax last anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks, and the next appointment would be necessary within 4-6 weeks (depending on the rate of your hair growth.)

It is recommended to exfoliate the waxed area 24 hours after the appointment in order to minimize ingrown hairs.

There are waxing kits you can purchase and use at home, or you can go to a spa or waxing professional.


Sugaring is pretty much the same process as waxing, only it uses a special formula of sugar instead of melted wax.


Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution that can reduce the regrowth of your hair up to 100%. Results will vary for everyone based on their hair growth rate and the color/texture of their hair. Laser does not work on blonde or extremely fine hair. They say that the darker and courser the hair follicles are and the lighter the skin, the more successful the Laser treatment is. It takes multiple sessions over the course of a year or few for maximum results, though some people may see basic results even after one session.

Depending on the exact Laser device used, the sessions can be relatively painful. Some people report that it feels like a rubber band being snapped on their skin. Depending on your skin sensitivity, it could leave the treated areas red and swollen for a short period of time after the treatment.

Exposure to the sun or UV rays on the treated areas is not allowed while you're undergoing Laser Hair Removal sessions.

If you're considering Laser Hair Removal, read article at WebMD for what to expect and some extra general information.


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