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This guide was originally created by Evvie on ACF to help identify some problems cam girls run into while trying to find success on the cam site she works on.

I can't get members to stay in my room

You may not be doing anything to keep their attention

How long do you watch a TV channel before you decide you don't like the show and click away? Members may not know exactly what they're looking for, but they know what they don't like. It takes me around 3 to 5 seconds to figure out if I will enjoy watching a certain model. If I realize I won't enjoy her show, I leave.

Factors that seem to keep members interested:

Talking - members enjoy listening to you speak or sing. Even if audio is off, a talking model is more interesting than a mute model. (If no one is talking back at you, have a conversation with yourself. Many members may just think you are talking with someone through PMs.)

Movement - camming is a visual medium. Models that are moving a lot are fun to watch. But even if you're just down or relaxing, that doesn't mean you have to be still.

Proximity - Many of the most successful or popular models across various sites often stay very close to the camera, filling up 75% or more of the frame. Many members go to cam sites to enjoy the company of beautiful women. They want to feel welcomed, not like they are intruding on your territory. Women who have upset or emotionless faces are not nearly as welcoming as women who smile.

Focus - It is very clear when a model's focus is not on public chat. When it is looks like the model is more interested in having private conversations with her favorite members, or that she would rather spend time browsing other websites, members may feel like they won't get any attention at all, so they're likely to leave.

You may have a bad feed or bad camera settings

Oversaturation and bad cam settings are a very big indicator that the model is not experienced or not providing high-quality entertainment. It is worth it to preview your cam settings and make them look as close to reality as possible (however, you don't need to spend 15 minutes a day fiddling with cam settings. Moderation!)

While that may sound very mean and biased towards models who cannot afford good equipment, the sad reality is that members associate a clear and appealing picture with an experienced and talented model.

Members also like video feeds that are easy to watch. around the cam a lot or autofocus on can give the member a headache. Members want to look at you; they do not want to be interrupted every two minutes by you taking 30 seconds to move the camera around.

They might just be looking for something else (and that's okay

Some members go on cam sites to look for socialization and conversation. If you are being very sexy and gearing up for a show, they're probably not going to stay in your room - and that's okay.

If a member is looking for a quick show and you're having a philosophical debate, he probably isn't going to stay in your room - and that's okay, too.

As long as you have a game plan and your current activity is earning you money in one way or another (or even if you are just hanging out and not planning on earning) you are not going to be able to attract *every* member. It just isn't possible.

I can't get members to spend money on me

Do they know what you have for sale?

Many members believe that some (or a majority of) camgirls get on cam only for fun and attention. These men do not feel obligated to tip "just because" you are entertaining them. They believe that if you are not asking for money, you do not want money.

  • Do you always put up a room topic that highlights your countdowns, private shows, or content?
  • Do you have content like videos and pictures advertised on your profile?
  • When you are broadcasting, how often do you mention your countdown or activity?
  • How many minutes do you wait between tips before you bring the focus back to your show?
  • When you create new content, how many times do you mention it while you're on cam?
  • Are you afraid to talk about your shows or content because you don't want to seem focused on money?

Are they afraid of getting ripped off?

Especially on certain websites, members are very aware that they might give you money and get nothing in return.

To combat this, many models always reward every tip. Many models offer extra incentives like videos or pictures to tippers as incentive to tip.

  • Offer content to members to guarantee they will get something for their money
  • Offer immediate rewards for every tip (like a flash or a dance) to show members their tips pay off
  • Make members feel confident about paying for a public show countdown by setting a long timer (15, 20, 30 minutes or more) so they know the show will be worth it

Are you giving away everything for free?

If a member has no reason to pay, he's not going to!

  • Many models have mentioned situations where once they were nude, tips stopped coming in. They hypothesized that members didn't need an expensive show to become aroused, because boobs are totally hot on their own.
  • Many members are going to enjoy a free sexy show for as long as they can, and they will only start to pay when you stop the free show.
  • What else is the member going to get if he pays you? If your free show is too sexual or too revealing, the member may have no desire to pay for an expensive show just to see a little more.

Are not giving enough away?

Members want to spend money on a woman they like or are attracted to. If you are not revealing enough of your personality or body, they may be undecided.

It is very frustrating trying to pinpoint exactly what the "best" way to cam is, because so many different ways make money. But here are some points to note:

Some models have noticed that when they get naked, people stop tipping. Some models have noticed that unless they are naked, nobody will tip.

  • If you're always being naked and sexy, you could try covering up a bit more and offering more of a tease. If you are always fully covered and not teasing or being sexy at all, you could try opening up.
  • Teasing, even when you are fully clothed, is extremely alluring. Just because you do not want to get naked in public chat, or just because you aren't ready to take your clothes off, does not mean you need to be asexual. If you want men to pay to get your clothes off, tempt them.

Are you blaming the members for not giving you enough money?

Members do not like negative models. This isn't about over emotional manipulation ("oh no! My dog *and* my grandma both got cancer and I have to pay for all of it!"); this is about straight-up telling the members they are assholes for not giving you money. It is extremely common and it's a huge turn-off.

  • Even if members know that this is your job, they still want to spend money on a woman who looks like she wants to be there.
  • If a member knows that you're pissed off and angry, he is probably thinking that you won't enjoy any sex acts, and you'll just fake your enjoyment.
  • Members do not like to be blamed for your lack of success.

Here are some examples of things models can do or say hurt their own shows by blaming the members.

  • "Why is it taking SO LONG to start this show? You guys need to get your game together, I can't believe I've put up with this all night. You people need to pay for this show or I'm leaving, I don't even care any more."
  • Calling out people by name and demanding they tip you, right now, or you're banning them.
  • "What is wrong with you people? Why aren't you tipping?"

There is a big difference between saying, "sorry, guys! I guess I couldn't get this show going, I'm logging off now! See you tomorrow!" and, "wow, you guys are cheap. I should have known not to try a show when my regulars weren't on."

Even if you feel that it is their fault, members probably do not feel that way. Even if you've done this show every day for a year, and you know it isn't your fault that you aren't being tipped, you probably only going to make things worse by making the members feel bad.

Members go to camsites so they can feel good about themselves and relax with a beautiful woman. They want to feel welcome and comfortable. They do not want to be screamed at, called cheap, or made to feel like jerks. Making a member feel alienated is not going to make him more likely to spend money on you.

I can't keep my camscore up! [MFC specific]

Are you staying online when you're not earning money?

Sometimes on MFC, you can have such a good time just spending time with members that it can often keep you broadcasting for hours at a time just chatting, without getting a single tip. It is fun, but it tanks your camscore.

Do you log on to MFC without a game plan? Do you log on, take 15 minutes to decide what show you're going to do, 10 minutes to start the countdown, and let the coutndown sit for 50 or 60 minutes while you chat with the guys and hope to get tips? Do you log on to MFC knowing that you will not do a show, but hoping you will get tipped just for hanging out?

Relaxing is good and fun, but on MFC, it can cost you.

  • Budget your time. Plan your shifts before you get online. Decide how long you are going to stay online without tips. Don't be afraid to log off if you're not earning.

Are you offering incentives for offline tips?

Offline tips are so important for many models because they are a great way to increase camscore (by spending less time online while still reaching the same token goals).

  • Use your social media tools (like Twitter or Tumblr) to sell Skype shows and content when you're offline.
  • Offer bigger incentives for offline tipping - like extra raffle tickets or more videos.

Are you accepting a lot of third party payments?

Many members prefer third party payments because the model gets a larger percentage. Unfortunately, this also means the model doesn't get tokens, and therefore, a lower camscore.

  • Are you letting members pay for shows through Paypal or Payoneer?
  • Are you letting members buy content through wishlist gifts instead of with tokens?
  • Do you let members bully you in to accepting third party payments when you'd rather have tokens?*

(*For example, a member might buy you a gift off of Amazon, and then the next time you're online, he insists that you take the cost of the toy out of your countdown - even if you didn't promise a reward for buying the toy.)

Remember - the key to a higher camscore is making more tokens per hour that you're on cam (it has nothing to do with rates/admires on your profile, only tokens and time on cam). If you find yourself struggling or striving to raise your camscore, you may want to consider taking a break from (or eliminating the option for) third party payments altogether.

I can't start a GOLD show! [SM specific]

Is your timer too long?

Most members pledge money towards a show when the timer is running low. If you've got 20 minutes left, they might not want to sit around and wait 20 minutes for your show to possibly start.

If you set your timer for 15, 20 or 30 minutes, and you do get some GOLD but not enough to start, are members really going to re-pledge just to sit around for another half-hour hoping for your show to start?

  • Don't worry about not getting enough GOLD to start your show on the first try. It takes most models a couple of tries to start a single show.
  • You never make money during GOLD show countdowns. You only make money once the show starts. If your countdown is for 20 minutes, and you get all the GOLD you need during the last 3 minutes, that means you wasted 17 minutes of time that you could have spent in Exclusive or Premium chat making good money.
  • Members who want to see a sex show don't want to wait. If they think it's going to take at least 10 minutes for your show to start, they may look elsewhere for a countdown that is close to completion.
  • Sometimes you can meet higher daily goals with less tries when your timer is set for 5 minutes. It can take many more tries with the lowest goal to start a show when the timer is set for 15 minutes. (Make sure you give everyone time to pledge for the countdown. Avoid setting any timer for under 5 minutes, and if your goal is like $300 or something, you might want to give them more time just to pledge).

Are you 'cheerleading' in your room to get the show started?

It seems that when models are constantly talking up their show or referring to it, they get more pledges to the show. It also seems that models who talk about sex or sexy stuff tend to get more pledges than models who talk about not-sexy stuff.

  • If you are talking about your show, people know you that you are focused on getting it started. If a model looked way more interested in hanging out or talking about her new pets than starting a show, members may not feel very confident that her GOLD show will get started any time soon.
  • Members like to watch models who are genuinely aroused (or who at least act genuinely aroused). Talking about sex and masturbation is an indicator to members that your mind is on sex, not money (or your new cute pet hamster you'd rather be petting right now).
  • Members love free shows and hanging out. They are easily distracted. If you keep talking about how sexy your show will be and how great it's going to be, their focus will stay on the show.
  • How much do you flirt and tease during your countdowns?
  • How often do you talk about the show during the countdown? Do you constantly talk about it? Do you only mention it when people ask?
  • Are you encouraging members to pledge? Are you reminding members that they will get refunded if the show doesn't start?
  • Do you 'market' your shows? Do you talk about how this is going to be your first ever squirt show, best ever anal show, most intense blowjob show, or your most special sexy show ever?
  • Do you take your top off or do flashes when you hit a certain number on your countdown? How often do you remind people of this?
  • Are you excited for every pledge? Do you make each individual member feel good and special that he contributed? Do you pay special attention to members who pledge over the minimum amount?

Are you offering a show that people want to see?

Models on Streamate have had huge success with a variety of different GOLD shows, even non-nude or non-sexual shows. However, members are used to being offered a wide variety of acts during a single show. Members are also used to being advertised to in a very sexual manner. If you are blunt or don't use sexy language, members may think you are less enthusiastic about your show than other models.

Even (for example) if you are only planning on vaginal penetration and nothing else, you can talk about it in a way that speaks to members. Instead of, "watch me dildo my pussy for 8 minutes!" your show description could be, "watch me rub my pussy until I get soaking wet, finger myself like a good girl should and then enjoy watching me cum HARD while I ride my biggest stunt cock!"

Members don't necessarily want to see the biggest fanciest special show ever; they just want some assurance that your show is going to be sexy and arousing.

When you start your GOLD shows, don't forget to include and talk up every act that will happen. Are you going to take off your clothes? Advertise a sexy striptease. Are you going to use saliva to lubricate your toy? Advertise a sexy blowjob. Are you probably going to gag during that blowjob? Advertise a sexy gagging blowjob.

Some shows do get more attention than others. Anal and squirting seem to be a big deal. While you should never do a show you aren't comfortable with, if you have been trying for a week to get one show off the ground, it may be time to offer something different.

Are you offering extra incentives?

While it is not necessary, some models offer photos or videos to the highest contributors. Some models even offer prizes to every single pledge. Other models allow the highest contributor to direct the show however he pleases, or she will offer to moan his name during the show.

Is your goal too high? Is the minimum contribution too high?

If you have standards, don't lower them. I applaud any woman who says, "I'm never getting naked for less than $X."

However, some goals just aren't realistic. Unless a model is in the top row or two, it is probably not realistic to set a $500 goal and expect to reach it. It is also probably not realistic to ask that each member contributes $15 to see a 5 minute show.

If you know your average ranking, you can look around at the models with similar rankings and see what they are asking. You don't need to limit yourself, but ranking is indicative of how many members are like to go in to your room, and it's a good place to start.

Also think about what you are asking from members in proportion to how long the show is. I have very rarely seen a model asking for more than $1/minute. The majority of models ask for less than $1/minute. It is not hard to find a model offering a 15 minute show for $3 or $4 per person. You do not need to undersell yourself, but asking for too much can be a problem. Members who watch GOLD shows tend to be members who cannot afford a lot or who are unwilling to pay a lot of money.

I'm feeling anxious about disappointing members, and that's stopping me from working

Are you expecting too much from yourself?

All models feel anxiety about this at one time or another. Despite what some uneducated people think, cam girls are not only interested in money. Being a good performer is very important to a lot of models and the fear of disappointing members can be overwhelming.

However, every shift does not have to be the most amazing original mind-blowing shift you ever do. You do not need totally original and unique ideas for every show. You do not need to do something different every shift. Members enjoy comfort and familiarity, too; they like to know what they are getting. So it is okay to have a standard shift schedule to stick to.

Most members are not asking for the moon. Being engaging and showing your personality will go a long way towards keeping members entertained and interested. You don't need to go online only when you are 100% happy, prepped, horny, and bubbly cute. It is okay to go online and do shows even when you aren't feeling perfect. Sometimes it is more important to get online and do a single countdown to boost your confidence than to stay offline for a week waiting until you suddenly feel ready to work again.

  • If you've done the same show fifty times, you are going to know how to do it well, even if you aren't feeling confident.
  • Your video looks just fine. You are the only person who thinks you look bad.

Do you think members are going to feel tricked or ripped off?

If you are always 100% honest about what you are providing, you are never taking advantage of members.

Simply be honest - tell members you've never done this show before, tell members you're feeling rusty, tell members that this video has no penetration, and tell them that this photo set isn't the best quality.

If you still feel anxious about what you are offering, you could try a temporary sale price to see what members think and get experience and confidence.

  • If you are doing a public show, you don't have to worry about time limits - you can keep doing the show until you feel that everyone is happy
  • If you are doing a group or private show, members can leave any time. Nobody is forcing them to stay.
  • If you are nervous about selling a video, you could give it to your high tipper first to watch for free and get his opinion on it. Or, just label it very honestly and sell it for however much you think it is worth.
  • If you are doing a GOLD show, tell members what they can expect and let them decide for themselves.

Do you just have stage fright?

Camming can be a very intimate and personal activity. Cam girls are exposing their bodies, sexuality, and personalities to some people who want nothing better than to tear them down. At the same time, cam girls can get worried that their friends and regulars will be expecting a great show that they might not be able to deliver.

The longer you stay off cam, the harder it is to get back on.

  • Your regulars and friends aren't expecting the #1 best A+ show ever, every day. They just want to see you and spend time with you.
  • You are in control of your chatroom. If people are pissing you off, ban them; if you get frustrated or upset, take a break.
  • The best cure for pre-cam anxiety is to just log on. Just log on hang out for ten or fifteen minutes; you don't even have to stay for a full shift. You don't even have to do a show! If you haven't cammed for a week and you're freaking out, log on for a bit that afternoon, realize that everything is okay, then log on again that evening for your normal shift.
  • You build cam confidence by spending time on cam. Hashing out one 60-minute shift online is better than reading a whole stack of motivational books.