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Feminine health and hygiene are already important subjects, but especially so if you are a cam girl.

Sex Toys

If you do masturbation shows, you'll likely be using some sort of toys.


It is very important to keep all of your toys clean because it is possible to pass on infections, including STI’s, through toy use. You should always wash your toys after each use. Different types of toys have different requirements as far as cleaning. Most toys will come with instructions regarding cleaning and disinfecting, but these are some basic guidelines for various materials.

Tips for All Toys:

  • If your toy has batteries, be sure to remove them before cleaning.
  • Don’t submerge electrical components in water and do not get these parts wet.
  • Be sure that your toy is completely dry before you store it to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • If the toy has a vibrator in it, be sure to remove it if you plan on boiling the toy or running it through the dishwasher to disinfect it, even if the vibrator is waterproof. It is not made to withstand high heat.
  • Most toys can be cleaned with soap and warm water. If you use antibacterial soap, the soap must remain on the toy for at least two minutes to kill the bacteria. There are also toy cleaner sprays that should be safe for toys.
  • Be sure to wash off all soap or cleaner when you’re done!

The following are options for cleaning your toys, sorted by material:

Non-Porous Materials

Do not absorb bodily fluids or collect bacteria as easily.

Soap and water, toy cleaner, boiling water (5 minutes), or top rack of dishwasher.
Stainless Steel
Soap and water, toy cleaner, boil or soak in (50:50) water and bleach solution (10 minutes), or dishwasher.
Hard Plastic
Soap and water or toy cleaner. Do not boil.
Soap and water or toy cleaner. If it is Pyrex/Borosilicate, dishwasher or boiling water are also options. Do not to expose to harsh temperature changes or the glass may crack or become unstable.

Porous Materials

Have tiny, or sometimes larger, holes in them where bacteria and other things can get stuck or be absorbed, take more care in washing.

Often used for straps and harnesses and are machine or hand washable. Not dryer safe.
Can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water or leather cleaner, though it is very porous and difficult to get completely clean. Do not soak. Pat dry initially and then lay flat to dry completely, do not hang or leather might stretch. If desired, you can treat the leather after cleaning with a leather conditioner. Be careful to keep any metal parts dry or they may rust.

The following toys can all be cleaned using soap and water or toy cleaner. These are the most porous of all so be sure they are cleaned thoroughly because they are the most at risk for bacteria. Soap and chemicals can also get absorbed by them so rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

Silicone Blends
Soft Plastic
Soft Skin/Cyberskin/Vinyl


Be sure to store your sex toys in a cool, dry, clean place.

Make sure that none of your silicone toys are kept in a place where they can touch each other, because after extended contact they will melt and need to be thrown away. Make sure that silicone based lube is closed securely as it will also melt silicone toys.

Many toys come with cases or bags, or you can always buy these separately. It is recommended that you keep your toys in a bag or case of some kind to keep them safe and clean.

Vaginal hygiene and issues

Keeping your girly parts healthy and happy make your job as a cam girl much easier.

  • Cleansers that won't irritate
  • Soreness/irritation
  • Yeast Infections
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Lube, lotion, oil sensitivities

Girl/girl shows

When planning to do a girl/girl (or a couples show with someone other than your actual partner) it's important to remember health and safety concerns.

  • Routine STD/STI checks
  • Sharing toys

Menstrual cycles

It isn't completely necessary to completely stop camming while you're flowing. Below are some products and tips that will help keep you earning if you'd rather do something more than a "panties on" show for the time.


Diva cups, or Softcups, are flexible cone-shaped containers. They have a ring at the top and a small cup or pouch attached to them. They are made of rubber, silicone, latex or plastic depending on the brand that you use. There are different sizes so be sure that you have the right one for your body.

Some are reusable and they should be emptied and cleaned multiple times a day, there are also disposable options. It is placed inside your vagina over your cervix to catch and collect the menstrual fluid in the cup or pouch. It does not soak it up, but is meant to keep it from leaking out. This allows the model to continue using toys and fingers for shows without a tampon string visible and with more room for play.

It is possible for the ring/cup to slip; this can cause the collected blood to be released, so be sure that it is secure, but also comfortable. Make sure that if you’re using toys or fingers they are not disturbing or bumping into the cup.


These are just what they sound like: a natural sponge that you place inside of your vagina like a tampon to soak up the blood from your period. Make sure that you buy a sponge specifically designed for this, not any sponge will do.

The sponge should remain in place; you will know that it is ready to be taken out when it starts to move down towards your vaginal opening. If you try to pull it out and it is still all of the way in and providing resistance, it is probably not full yet. Generally, they are not designed to remain inside for longer than eight hours, but in any event, refer to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of your product.

When you take it out (with your fingers, make sure they’re clean), you can either rinse it out in the sink right then or place it in a special bag to clean later. Allow them to air dry after rinsing. Refer to instructions for more thorough disinfecting. They usually last about 6 months. If your flow is heavy, you can use more than one, If it is too big, you can trim a tiny amount off but don’t cut it in half or cut too much or the sponge will not be able to create a complete seal. They do come in different sizes which are useful for different flow levels.

You can cam with the sponge in and will not have to worry about the appearance of a tampon string. Finger play and gentle penetration should be fine, but pay attention to be sure that you do not move the sponge out of place or get visible blood on your toy.

Tampon string tuck or cut

This is a very simple method that you can use to cam during your period and requires only a tampon. The tampon is inserted and the string is cut and/or tucked inside of your vagina until not visible from the outside. External and clitoral stimulation and play is possible through this method.

For this method, you can cut the string off, or shorten it, before or after insertion though it is not entirely necessary to cut the string as long as you tuck it securely. If you choose to cut the string after, be sure that you are in a steady position and absolutely do not cut too close to your body or skin. It is fairly easy to just tuck the string inside, so it does not have to be very short. Once the tampon is in, tuck the string inside. Be sure not to push it too far in as sometimes it can be hard to find the string and retrieve it. Take a mirror and make sure that your tampon is not visible, be sure to learn the limits of what you can show before the tampon becomes visible.

It is not recommended that you use penetration as it is possible to push the tampon so far inside that it can be damaging or your tampon could get stuck. If you do have trouble finding the string or reaching the tampon, you can try bearing down and pushing the tampon so that you can reach it with your fingers.