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When most women start camming, it isn't because they already have a ton of money! High-quality camming is made possible by high-quality equipment, but it isn't necessary to spend a great deal of money in order to obtain what you need. In most cases, everything you need can be put together much more cheaply than buying top-of-the-line equipment, with only a small sacrifice in convenience or quality.


Floor lamp with paper shade

Lighting is an extremely important part of feed quality. Good lighting can vastly improve the quality of poor webcams!

The best quality lights are usually photographer's lamps with umbrellas to diffuse the light. These kits start at around $50 and only get more expensive from there. However, there is really no need to invest in expensive lighting if you don't want to.

  • Make sure you have multiple light sources. A three-point (three different lamps) lighting system is a good start. Many models choose to have light to the left and right of them, and one above or below to reduce shadows.
  • You can buy the cheapest or most convenient lights you can find that fit in to the space you have. Clip-on desk lamps are usually quite cheap and are easy to move and adjust.
  • Some cam girls enjoy lamps with neutral paper shades because they eliminate glare and give a soft glow.

Bright lights that are too close to you can burn out the image, leaving big parts of your body looking totally white on camera. There are a few options to help prevent this:

  • Buy lower wattage bulbs.
  • Cover the lamp with a few layers of white tissue paper or cloth (MAKE SURE the bulb is not hot enough to singe or burn the cover! Make sure the cover will not overheat after prolonged use!).
  • Move your lights physically farther away, if possible.

Some cam girls choose to buy golden or colored umbrellas to change the hue of their lighting, which can have great effects on how you look. If you aren't interested in purchasing a lighting system, try covering your lights as mentioned above, but instead of white covers, try using yellow, orange, or red.

The type of bulbs you use can also affect the quality and color of your image.

  • "Soft white" are known to give off a warmer and sometimes yellowish hue, while "Daylight" will create a cooler, sometimes blue hue.
  • LED bulbs are slightly pricier than CFL bulbs but emit much less heat and require less electricity to run, which makes them ideal for cam girls.
Color temps for light bulbs

Homemade dildo stand

Things you should have around the house: -rope -twin sized comforter

Things you will probably need to get: -a dildo with a flared base (I use doc johnson's crystal jellies with balls, 6". They are only $16, though you will have to throw it out and get a new one every 3-6 months.)

Step 1: Fold the comforter in half, and then in half again the same way, so you have a long thin strip.

Step 2: Roll the comforter like a sleeping bag.

Step 3: Secure the comforter with the rope around each end of the roll. Wrap it twice on each side so you can hook the dildo in.

Step 4: Hook the dildo under the rope and ride away!

Without the dildo, put it behind your pillow to lean against during shows where you're supposed to somehow be on your back but also looking at the camera.


Decorations in your cam space can be as simple as blankets and pillows, which also double as props for your shows. Many cam girls like to decorate their space with items that show off their hobbies and interests. Wall posters of your favorite bands, movies, etc., are a great way to start conversation with new visitors to your chat.

Pic Sets

This method saves you both time and money. All you need is your webcam, and a free program called avidemux. This is important: later versions of avidemux have issues with these things. You need version 2.5 .

Download: http://download.cnet.com/Avidemux/3000-13631_4-12322310.html

1- take a video. The video is the source for my pictures, so I do whatever poses and such I want in the picset. If stuff happens in the video that will not be pictures, doesn't matter.

2- change the vid into pics I put the video in avidemux. The only thing I'm using this for is saving the video as a photoset. You go to "file", then "save", then "save selection as JPEG images". Then select the folder you want to save in (I suggest making a new folder, you're about to end up with thousands of pics), and create a base name for the pics. Say you put the name as Bra. Well, the pics will be named "Bra000001" "Bra000002" and so on. (It will enter the necessary number of zeros, so if you only have 1000 pics, the first will be 0001). Close avidemux.

You have now saved every single frame of the video you just made as a picset. However, there's a lot of pics that look the same, and a lot of pics you probably don't want, from being blurry and such.

3- sort the pictures. In the folder where you saved the pictures, set the view to "Extra Large Icons". This lets you see the pictures without having to open, so you can compare them side by side and pick the best one. I then create a new folder that will hold the pictures I actually want. I go through, and put the pics I want to save in that new folder. Every once in awhile, I select a picture I don't want and press "shift-home" (the home key is actually labeled "home" on the keyboard, usually around delete, insert, pg up and dwn) and then delete all the pictures I've already gone through and don't want, in case I have to leave.

Note: if you're not comfortable with using "shift home", I suggest you make a copy of the a small selection of pics to practice with. Use on a copy so you don't accidentally delete the originals when practicing.

4- rename the keepers.

Note: if you want, avidemux lets you go frame by frame and save an individual photo. This is good if you realize you accidentally deleted one, but I wouldn't recommend it for the main set, since going through the pics is faster.