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General Info

MediaFire (aka MF) is a file hosting website, typically used to host videos and photos. Users are able to easily make folders to organize content.

Upload Limits & Cost

MF is free to use, for up to 10GB. With the free version, there are advertisements when a cam model shares a file.

$3.79/month (paid annually) or $4.99/month (paid monthly) will give the cam girl access to 1TB of data with no ads on file sharing.

Distributing Links to Members

When using MediaFire, a cam model should create an account, using a stage name and stage e-mail address. This is because, when a cam model sends files to another person with MF, that person can see both the e-mail address and stage name on the account. Never use your personal e-mail or name on your cam girl MF account.

With MF, a file uploaded is defaulted so anyone that has the link can see it. Therefore, it is advised to change each file so only those that the cam model allows (via e-mail address) can access it. Additionally, a model can set how many times the link can be downloaded. This ensures that a guy will not simply share the link with others. Although this helps the cam model to prevent unwanted sharing, the draw back is that, in order for the guy to view the video, he must sign up for a MF account to view the file.

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.