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Depending on the site, there may be different levels of membership for viewers. For example, some websites do not allow members without an account to view models at all, while other websites allow members without an account to spend an indefinite amount of time watching public shows. Remember that as far as official account types go, they are all named differently and it can become confusing for a model who works through multiple sites. For example, on MyFreeCams, a guest is a member with no account who is always a freeloader. But on Streamate, a guest is a member with an upgraded account and he is the only type of member that can pay you or take you to a show. Remember that just because there is a type of account called "guest," "member," or "premium" on one website does not mean that those accounts have the same function across all websites.

But beyond that, there are also different personality types that you'll encounter among these members. Below is a small list as well as some ideas of what to expect and how to deal with them.


These members don't ever really speak to you, but are there frequently watching. Silently. They may sometimes tip. Some models find lurkers to be upsetting, because they rarely seem to participate in or contribute to the chat room in any way. However, other models have reported that long-time lurkers have since become good friends or tippers. As long as lurkers don't turn in to beggars or freeloaders, they are often best ignored.


Members that frequently contribute to the chat and keep conversation flowing, but don't necessarily spend any/much $ in your room or on the site. Chatters can play a key role in keeping your chat room entertaining and lively; unfortunately, some chatters may believe they are entitled to free shows or content because they have graced you with conversation. Chatters are a complicated bunch. They are great fun to have around and can turn in to great friends, but often, their goal is on talking to the model for free indefinitely. This can cause issues when the model is trying to move forward with her show or change the vibe of the chat room, but the chatter is stuck on having a pleasant conversation - chatters have been known to tell a model she should not accept paid private chats so she can stay and talk to the room for free.

A model who enjoys the company of many chatters may be blessed, but ensure you can communicate to a chatter when it's time to change the subject, move on, or be silent for a while.


Members who will at least occasionally tip or spend $ to go private/group. They may also be Chatters.


Members who are in your chat room on a very regular basis, either contributing with chat or $ or both.

Big spenders/tippers

Members who frequently contribute more than average amounts of $, whether it is tips or private time. You may hear the term "Whales" for these types of members, but not everyone knows or likes this term.


Members who spout off demands or requests in your chat without actually contributing anything else. These members seem to irritate other regulars/contributors. Dealing with them could involve asking them directly to contribute for their request, or quietly ban/ignore/kick them.


These members are like "Lurkers" and "Beggars" combined. If and when they do speak, it will be about wanting to see something, but will sit back and wait for others to tip for it instead of contributing any $ on their own.

Freeloaders also like to point out that they are enjoying free entertainment. It is common to hear the freeloader say things like, "it looks like I got here just in time!" when the model is about to start a public show, or perhaps, "when is somebody going to get her naked?" The freeloader is not content to silently enjoy the model, but instead prefers that the model explicitly knows he will never tip even though he finds her shows to be appealing.


"Regulars" who you get along with the best and probably talk to every day or very at least very routinely, sometimes outside of the cam site itself (via other social networking sites.) Having "Besties" depends on your involvement level with your members. Some cam girls keep their interactions much less involved and may not have this group of members.


Members who are both very sincerely sweet in chat or messages as well as relatively generous with $ contributions. Not necessarily "regulars", but around enough for you to remember who they are.

Problem Members

In general, these members may be nice and even be regulars in chat, but can cause unnecessary drama or draw too much attention to themselves. It can be difficult to deal with these members, as they can be very likable in your chat, but need some sort of "pep talk" to steer them away from their problematic behaviors. Any sort of reprimanding may be best suited for a private message or mail so that the person isn't embarrassed if they didn't realize they were upsetting you. But of course, that is up to your discretion and style.


Members whose sole goal is to upset the model and/or the members in the room. They spout off insults or trickery to disrupt the happiness and flow of chat. Dealing with them can either be by retorting with some witty funny comments (which can be entertaining but also can lead to further disruption of the chat room and possibly upsetting other members... it's risky) or by quickly and quietly banning/muting/kicking them out of the room. Choose your reaction carefully. Arguing with a "Troll" is knowing as "feeding the troll" and can be exactly what they're looking for. Don't ever let them upset you, or they win (so to speak).

White Knights

Members who get involved in quarrels with "Problem Members" or "Trolls" and think they are doing you a favor by sticking up for you, but generally just make things worse. Most times they mean well, but end up causing more harm than good. They can also act as tattle-tales.

Other Models

Depending on the site, or your settings, other Models from the site may be able to join your chat room. Models can also create their own member accounts and join your chat that way. There is a certain amount of respect and etiquette than should be adhered to by the model joining your chat, such as not drawing attention to herself (your chat room is for YOU to get attention only) and not soliciting members who are currently in your chat room to go visit them instead.