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The MyFreeCams home page, displaying which models are online at the time.

General Info

MyFreeCams (MFC) is a very "community based" cam site, in that it has many ways for members to interact with each other in addition to chatting with cam girls. It has a huge database of emotes and user-uploaded images to use in chat, multiple "Lounges" where members can chat with other members while watching models, member-created lounges called "Member Rooms", the ability for members to turn on their own webcam for other members and cam girls to view, and a general open and free feeling to it that many other cam sites do not have.

For this reason, it is important for cam girls on MFC to have a pretty social way about their cam shows. Chatting in Free Chat is a very big part of a cam girl's time on MFC.

Types of shows available

Free Chat

Cam girls are able to receive tips at any time while on MFC, and are very popular in Free Chat. Many cam girls do token "countdowns" in free chat to do shows for the public audience to view.


Private shows on MFC are 60 tokens per minute for the member. In a Private, other members can "Spy" on the show for 20 tokens per minute, but cannot interact with the model during the show or see any of the typed chat during the show. They are known as "voyeurs." The member who initiates the private will receive a video "archive" of the show to watch over and over again, which is a big selling point and justification for the price of the show. Cam girls do not receive a copy of the archive, however.

True Private

True private shows are also available without the ability for others to spy, and are 80 tokens per minute for the member. The member must turn on this setting in their own options before initiating a private show with the cam girl. The member who initiates the private will receive a video "archive" of the show (so long as it is over 90 seconds).


Group shows are an inexpensive option for members at only 10 tokens per minute. 3 members must click to "join group" in order to initiate the show, and once the cam girl accepts and begins the group, there is no limit to the amount of members allowed in the show. So long as at least 1 member remains in the show it will continue on unless the cam girl ends it herself. Members in a group show do not receive a video archive.

All of these shows are at the discretion of the cam girl, as she is able to accept or deny any of them before entering into a paid show. She is also able to end them at any time. Models are able to enable/disable the option for members to initiate group shows or private shows in their broadcaster settings. If she would prefer to only stay in free chat, disabling all other show options is helpful.

Placement on Homepage

The Homepage of MFC, by default, is arranged by something called Camscore. MFC does not publicly state what the exact calculation of a camscore is, but it is generally known by many cam girls on the site that it is is roughly based on the amount of tokens she makes per hour that she is broadcasting online over a (Calendar)60-day average. The higher a cam girl's camscore, the higher her placement will be on MFC's homepage, and thus, the more traffic she is likely to get due to better visibility to members.

There are other options that members have for sorting their homepage. Other sorting methods include: number of people in their chatroom, alphabetically, most recently logged on, newest on the site, random.

Earnings and Payouts

Cam girls receive $0.05 for every token earned. This means that cam girls on MFC earn at least 50% since the price of tokens for members is between $0.079 and $0.10 per token. (See below for token packages.)

Pay periods on MFC begin on the 1st and 16th of every month. MFC operates on PST/PDT time, so the periods end at 11:59PST/PDT.

Please take a look at MFC's wiki for much more in depth information about their pay amounts and schedules.

Prices for Members

Here are the standard token packages available

  • 200 Tokens for $19.99 (~$0.10 per token)
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99 (~$0.09 per token)
  • 900 Tokens for $74.99 (~$0.08 per token)
  • 3775 Tokens for $299.99 (less than $0.08 per token)
  • 7575 Tokens for $599.99 (less than $0.08 per token)

The higher token packages not available to members right away, and seem to be made available once a member has purchased the smaller token packages on a routine and consistent basis with no credit card issues. Members also may experience "spending limits" until their information/credit card info is verified with the admins on MFC.

There are also smaller token packages available after the initial purchase of at least 200 tokens. These smaller packages range from $1.49 for 10 tokens through $9.99 for 95 tokens. (When members utilize these smaller purchase packages, which I would think is more rare than the standard packages, that is the only time models receive less than 50% of the purchase price.)

Types of member accounts


A guest is a person watching without using an email address and password to sign up or sign in.


A basic is a person who has signed up with an email address and a password and created a username, but has not purchased any tokens. Basics have more features available to them than a guest, but aren't able to PM (Private Message) models or use MFC mail, nor can they tip or watch any paid shows (private, voyeur, group) since they have not purchased tokens.


A premium is a person who has signed up with an email address and a password and created a username, and has purchased at least one package of tokens. Premiums have access to all the features that MFC has to offer, including the ability to MFC mail or PM models as well as other members. (Keep in mind that models can turn off the ability for members to PM them or require a certain tip to allow them.)

Once a person becomes Premium, they start to accrue Reward Points (RP) at the rate of 1 RP per 10 tokens purchased. Higher RP allows a premium member certain additional options such as a larger array of font options or font color options. Additional Lounges are available to those with higher RP as well.

Platinum Premiums

A Platinum Premium is really just a fancy word for a Premium member who has accrued a certain amount of RP or spent a certain amount of time and money on the site.