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Many cam girls create content to sell as a means of supplementing their income from tips, privates, and other on-site shows. Check the rules on the cam site you're working on to ensure that selling your own content is allowed and how they would like you do go about it.


Selling or offering videos is a great way to make some extra income from members who might want something different than what you usually offer, or maybe something that is higher quality, custom made for them, or whatever their reasons. Videos that are commonly offered include using different toys, anal or double penetration, fetish oriented (spanking, small penis humiliation, etc.), couple or threesome+ shows, custom videos, and plenty of other types. Videos also make great prizes for games and contests and a great way to encourage members to contribute and tip!


Determining a price for your videos may be the hardest part, but browsing other profiles might help you come up with an idea for what other camgirls offer in terms of length and content. Custom videos are always priced at a higher rate than pre-recorded videos, and it's best to list what you will and will not do and have them contact you before paying just so you both are on the same page for the custom video.

Recording and Editing

Making a video can be done by either using your webcam, phone, DSLR camera, or whatever can record at a decent quality, the higher quality the better. After you film the video, you can edit it in anything from Windows Movie Maker to Cyberlink Powerdirector, whatever software you may feel more comfortable with. Some camgirls prefer to leave their videos pretty raw, some prefer to cut out the scenes where they change positions or anything else that might not be too interesting. Adding your Twitter or model name to the video in a subtle watermark is a good idea to identify where the video originated, especially if the video ends up shared or re-uploaded, others will be able to find you for free advertising. (And you should never assume that your video won't be shared or re-uploaded!)


You'll want to make sure the camsite allows this first, but it's helpful list all of your videos for sale on your profile. Include details such as the length, if it's HD, what the video is about, and preferably include a small preview pic or gif of the video. If you have a lot of videos, offering a discounted video package may also be beneficial! Linking to your profile with details of your videos on Twitter or other social media associated with your cam persona can be very helpful in boosting sales. And of course, talking about your videos and advertising them in your chat room while you're broadcasting will probably be your biggest source of video sales.

Hosting and clip sale sites

Below are some options for hosting as well as sites to use for sales outside of your cam site.


Picture sets

Much the same as videos, selling picture sets to members as another means of generating income on your cam site is extremely popular. Some cam sites offer a way for you to upload private sets of pictures to sell to your members, so make sure to look into this if you're interested. See the sections above in the Videos section for info on hosting and advertising.

Although some members will ask for and be more excited about high quality/resolution photos, it is ok to start out with sets taken from your smartphone or even your webcam. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using your webcam and a free program to create a cheap and easy pic set.

Photo sharing apps

Offering membership or subscriptions to daily selfies and such is a popular trend than many members seem to love. See links below for information on apps or sites to use.

Skype shows

Skype shows are a good way to offer high quality, one-on-one time for a set rate that many members find more personal. You can determine your own rate for Skype shows and if used correctly, it can help supplement your camming income if offered as incentive for big tippers or for a set pay-per-minute rate to camsite members.

See Skype for more detailed information on how to safely use Skype and ways to advertise Skype shows.

Phone contact and texting

Some cam girls will offer their phone number for calls or texting for their biggest spenders or for a flat fee. This of course will have to depend on which am site you're working on, as some have rules against giving outside contact information on their site.

Make sure to set very clear boundaries with your members before sharing this contact information. Since they will be able to reach you during your off-cam hours, it needs to be clear that you're not always available. It's important to set aside time for yourself that you aren't bothered by cam-related texts or phone calls.

Google Voice

You won't be able to send pictures via text this way, nor send text messages internationally, but Google Voice will allow you to set up your own phone number (you can use an area code outside of your area for extra security) to make voice calls as well as send text messages within the US. You should be able to find Google Voice applications for Android, BlackBerry and Apple iOS to make your communications easier.

Prepaid Phones

This is simply a cell phone without a contract. Often times you can choose from a list of phone numbers, but often they must still be within your area code.

KIK and TextNow

Kik Messenger is an instant messaging application for mobile devices. It uses your smartphone's data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages, share photos, sketches, voice messages, and other content. Kik Messenger uses a username instead of a phone number, allowing for more privacy than other forms of text messaging.

TextNow is a similar app where you get your own dedicated phone number, send and receive picture messages, and get your own texting address.


This is a smartphone app used to send and exchange pics. Most girls will sell access to this on a monthly, yearly or "forever" basis depending on their preferences.

See Snapchat for more detailed information.

Off-site payment

While the safest means of accepting payment for the items listed on this page is via the cam site you work on, you may want to offer alternatives for those unable to use this method. See links below for information on alternative options.

Also, see Scams for warnings on things to watch out for.