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Having a personal website is an extremely useful asset to a cam model. Models can host a blog, promote content (videos, pictures, etc), post cam schedules, post offline content, thoughts, comments, discussions, rants, humorous posts, or anything in an infinite number of categories.

Creating and maintaining a personal site and domain also have the added benefit of adding more counts of a model's name and own sites showing up in search engines, thus increasing traffic to content owned by the model. Unfortunately, piracy of cam model content will always be there and anything that can be done to increase exposure of a model's own sites and content over pirated or fake content is ideal.

Website Hosting & Domains

Some models will choose to create their own site, assembling it as they see fit from the framework to the final details. Others will prefer to use a site hosting pre-built pages and simply fill in the details. No matter what a model decides, it is recommended to also purchase your own domain (usually, www.model' This will not only look cleaner and more professional but it will also help for exposure in search engines. It will also be much easier for users to find you. A recommended place to purchase your own domain is Google Domains.

IMPORTANT: Make sure when you purchase your domain, you also should ensure domain privacy is enabled with the domain name registrar that you use. This will hide your personal name and address. Many hosts charge extra for this service. On Google Domains, domain privacy is free.

Tools for Building a Website

While building a site provides possibilities only limited by accessible tools, creativity and time, it also imposes the same drawbacks, far higher amounts of time to build and maintain, personal limits of creativity in building and organizing everything and sourcing one's own tools to build with. Fortunately, a supercomputer isn't needed for website building. In general, the same computer used for cam work or clip site work is adequate for building a website.

There are standalone programs that are used to build complete sites in HTML, Flash or HTML5. Such examples include:

  • Notepad++ (text entry/coding, free)
  • Topstyle 5 (HTML5/CSS, $79.95)
  • Dreamweaver (Flash, $19.99/month)
  • Kompozer (text entry/coding, free)

Some sites offer templates with endless customization to build a personal site. Such examples include:

  • Wix (free, monthly, annual plans)

IMPORTANT: All rules for a hosting/build site should be researched to ensure that the chosen site allows adult content/material to be hosted on their servers, even should the model's site not feature explicit content. Simply linking to explicit content or a cam site featuring it can be grounds for having a site (that took hours/days/weeks to complete) deleted with no warning.

Content for the Website

The amount and variety of content for a personal site is only limited to what the model wishes to post, share, endorse, or promote. A site can be used for but is not limited to:

  • Linking any/all clip site stores featuring the model's work. This could include Clips4Sale, ManyVids, etc.
  • Linking any/all picture set hosts
  • Linking any/all social media streams. This could include Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat, etc.
  • Maintaining a blog about various topics. This could include cam related posts
  • Real life/off cam posts, rants, endorsements of other models, news/updates for content, promotion for new, old, or upcoming content, cam schedules, etc.
  • Posting an FAQ and/or About sections
  • Information pertaining to a cam persona

Membership Sites

Another feature available to models is the ability to add a membership feature to their site. Typically, this means that the model will commit to posting x amount of photos and/or videos per week in exchange for a per month membership fee from members. Some sites can be organized completely with membership in mind, allowing paid members access to exclusive content, pre-release viewing of content, discounts, bundles, insider access to the model, etc. A site can be created with a public section and members only section, it can be completely private, a private site and a separate members only site can be created, or however a model chooses to set up the site.

RevShare Sites

Most free membership storefront setups will charge a portion of revenue to operate the store (aka "RevShare"). ModelCentro is a popular example of this. Any and all of these costs should be factored into a model's membership monthly pricing scheme if this route is chosen. The storefront application are generally simplified and step-by-step instructions are given to assist in setup and integration of the store (helping the model increase revenue helps the host site increase revenue).

Non RevShare Sites

If a model does not want to go the route of RevShare, the model will be responsible for building the membership site in its entirety. Typically, this requires a higher start up cost such as investing in a secure log in panel for members. This also requires the model to secure an adult friendly payment processor. CCBill is a popular choice. However, keep in mind most payment processors for adult websites are typically more expensive and require a monthly fee to keep active. Unless the model has a strong following, it is not recommended not to go this route and instead to go with a RevShare option.

Simple Sites and/or Blogs

If buying, building, and hosting a personal site is too advanced or time consuming, models may choose to use a service like Blogger or WordPress. These options allow a model to maintain a blog complete with comments, reviews, updates, pictures, links, etc without the need to run a fully built and customized website. All blogging sites allow a model to choose from visual templates to add a little custom touch to the site but it's not necessary at all for the site to operate as needed. Here again, ensure the service you choose is adult friendly.

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