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Having a simple, clean, and convenient camming space will make your life so much easier.


A dedicated and private room set up for your daily camming is ideal. But not everyone has the luxury of an extra room, so here are some key elements for choosing and creating your cam space.

  • A comfy seat - whether you're sitting on a couch, on the floor, in a computer chair, at a table... make sure that what you're sitting on is comfortable and allows camera angles that are flattering to your face and body. Make sure you're easily able to reach your mouse and keyboard.
  • Space to get up and move around - a cam girl who dances, poses, wiggles around, etc. is more entertaining than one who simply sits at a desk the whole time she's on cam. Make sure that the area you cam from allows you the freedom to do more than just sit on your butt. (A tripod for your cam really helps this!)
  • Good lighting - see the linked page for the best ways to light your cam space. Avoid having an open window or a very bright light directly behind you as it will create strange glares in the cam as well as affect the exposure and gain settings in your cam software.
  • Privacy - most cam sites will not allow you to cam in the near vicinity of non-models. Aside from the legality of it, voices and shadows of other people in the room is very distracting to viewers, as well as to you while you're camming.


Once you decide on a location for your cam space, making it comfortable and convenient is the next step! Here are some items that not only make you more comfortable, but you can also use them to decorate and show your personality with how bright and colorful, or mild and sophisticated they are.

  • Blankets - having soft blankets under and around you for shows is wonderful. You can switch up the color and texture depending on the mood you're in or what type of show you're doing. It also makes for a good barrier between you and the floor for any lube, lotions or oils you may be using.
  • Pillows - have something soft and cozy to lean on if you're doing a masturbation show, or something to lean on while chatting. Pillows of all sizes, shapes and colors can not only make you comfortable, but add some character to your space.
  • White Board - lots of cam girls have a sort of white board available for while they're camming. This is used to write details about the show, play tipping/number games, list high spenders/tippers for some extra spotlight, or keep track of any sort of countdown. Even if you're not planning to do any of these things, having a white board for a way to add a cute little picture or drawing to your cam space isn't a bad idea! Use it for whatever works for you.
  • Toys - if you're going to do any masturbation shows, having a variety of sex toys at an arm's reach is key. It's completely fine to only use your fingers, but it's also really common for viewers to request toys. Have a container nearby that has all of your desired toys and lubes available for easy access for when you start a show. Don't forget to have some baby wipes nearby!