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Unfortunately there are many people out there who are dishonest and willing to go to strange lengths to get free shows or content from Cam Girls. Getting scammed never feels good, but it can be prevented if you stick to some guidelines and never naively put too much trust in a member.

Basic guidelines

  • Don't perform a show or send content before receiving payment. It rarely works out in the cam girl's favor.
  • Don't trust people who claim to be an Admin on the cam site unless you can verify the information on the site's official wiki or contact list.
  • Just because someone claims to be a fellow cam girl doesn't mean they are. Don't give these people extra benefits just because they pose as a cam girl (or a girl in general, for that matter.)

Off-site payment scams


  • If your account is reported as being adult related, funds can be held or refunded to the payer. Sometimes members will use this to their advantage, but they risk their account and funds being frozen as well. PayPal does NOT allow transactions associated with porn or anything in the adult industry.
  • Members often request to pay via PayPal instead of on the cam site because they are scheming for a lower per minute rate on off-site shows or content.


There have been incidents in the past that involved fake "phishing" scam emails that were disguised as GiftRocket payment emails. Make sure if you receive a GiftRocket payment, that the email comes from Scam emails have been known to have extra letters in the address that are hard to see at first glance. An email from "" is fake. Note the s at the end.

Amazon wishlists and gift cards

When accepting payment via Amazon wishlist item, wait until the item actually arrives at your mailing address, or the gift card is confirmed credited to your account before performing shows for said payment.

  • If a member adds an item from your wishlist to their cart, but doesn't complete the checkout process, the item will disappear from your wishlist as if it has been purchased. Many members have scammed Cam Girls this way. Members say they purchased an item, then the Cam Girl sends them the content or performs the show they requested for the purchase, then the member turns around and removes the item from their cart. Members can also click a button on an item that says they've purchased it from another seller, which also removes the item from your wishlist, looking as though it's been purchased. This is why it's important to wait until the item arrives to perform or send content.
  • There have been incidents of gift card transactions being refunded before the cam girl was able to apply it to her account. To be safe, apply the card to your account immediately. This doesn't 100% guarantee you're safe against refunds, but it should make it a little more difficult for the member to attempt it.
  • There could also be risk of receiving a "phishing scam" email regarding Amazon gift cards. Always make sure to double check the address you're receiving the gift card from, and do not click any links within the email. Simply copy the gift card code, then log in directly to Amazon and into your account to redeem it.

See Amazon wishlist for more details on how to safely use them.

Skype scams

Fake Admin Accounts - Always be wary of anyone claiming to be a cam site admin on any platform other than official site emails. There have been numerous incidents where a Cam Girl is contacted on Skype by someone claiming to be a MyFreeCams admin or owner. This fake admin will have a story about wanting to evaluate your cam performances in order to help you earn more money on the site or something very similar. It's sad how many girls fall for this, end up giving some random stranger a completely free show under the guise of mentorship.

Fake Cam Girls - Sometimes members will pretend to be female, or even worse pretend to be a fellow Cam Girl, in order to get in your good graces and get added to your Skype list for free. Keep your wits about you in these situations. Most fellow Cam Girls respect one another enough to never ask for a free show of any sort, and there is no reason that a member should get something cheaper or for free just for being female.

Accept payment first! Historically, most cam girls who have allowed members to send payment (whether it be via the cam site or off-site payments) after the Skype show have regretted it. It's so easy for the member to disappear and never send anything once they've gotten what they wanted.

See Skype for more detailed information on how to safely use Skype and ways to advertise Skype shows.

Promotion scams

On Social Media - There are some "promoters", especially on Twitter, who will retweet your pics and promotional tweets and help you gain more followers. The good ones ask for nothing in return, except maybe the occasional fan sign to their public timeline. Easy enough! But there are some fake or scammy "promoters" that do you no good to interact with. If an account approaches you and asks you for promotional material such as private fan signs, free videos or Skype sessions in exchange for promotion, block them. Pick and choose the social media promoters you interact with carefully. There are a few bad apples on Twitter that will tarnish your name within the cam girl community if you associate with them.

Directly on Cam Sites - On sites where there are competitions and ranking, you'll likely run into members who promise to help you rise in popularity by helping your rank or score. They might sound very helpful and nice at first, but they WILL want something back in the long run (repayment, free performances, free content), and having someone cheat the system for you will not help your reputation on the site. Avoid members like this, they're up to no good.