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Signing up to the cam site

First and foremost, decide if you want to sign up with a studio, or if you'd rather be independent. If you're going to be independent, take the necessary steps to ensure that the page you're signing up on is in fact the site itself, and not a studio pretending to be a cam site. Read more about the difference between Studio vs. Independent.

When applying as a model to a cam site, you'll be prompted to fill out your real identifying information. Keep in mind that a cam site will need your real identity, address and bank information/tax information so that they can pay you. They will require a photo I.D. as well as some signed contracts before they will allow you to create a profile and broadcast. (Read the application carefully to ensure that fields you're filling in are asking for your real name and info and not your fictional name that you use for broadcasting.)

Contracts that will be required for you to sign can be very confusing. Most sites will claim some sort of ownership of the content that you broadcast and host on their site, and will have a wide array of rules of what you may or may not do while on their site. Read everything very carefully!

Creating your public profile

Once the site has accepted your application and approved you to model on their site, you will likely need to create a public profile for your online persona. This is the page that will be shown to the members and other viewers of the cam site. Keep in mind that using an online (fake) persona is encouraged. See Camming and Confidentiality for more information on how to protect your privacy and safety.

Here are some items that may appear on a public profile:

  • Name - do not use your real name, make up a cam girl persona for yourself and stick to it, this will essentially be your brand. (See Marketing Yourself for more on this topic.)
  • Age and birthday - some cam girls do not list their real age or birth date in order to keep their real identity even more secure, but this is up to your discretion.
  • Location - it is highly encouraged to keep this information very vague or completely secret in order to keep your real identity secure.
  • Weight/Height
  • Bio/favorite things/hobbies/interests - this is where you'll give your potential viewers a little bit about you and what you're interested in. Common interests between a cam girl and her viewers allows for interesting and fun chat, which puts everyone at ease and keeps people entertained while there isn't some sort of sexy show going on. Avoid listing very detailed items in this section as well, though, as to not give away your exact location, etc.
  • Fetishes, kinks, turn-ons/offs, what you'll do in shows - obviously it's a good idea to be honest about what sort of things you'll be comfortable doing during your shows as well as things viewers can do to make you happy. See Consider your comfort zone for more information and ideas on how to decide and define what your boundaries will be.
  • Schedule - having a routine schedule will help people who enjoy you find you online and get to know you better. You'll learn that getting a group of "regulars" is ideal, and sticking to a schedule is key.