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Snapchat is a free picture and video messaging application for mobile devices only. Users can take photos or record videos. Then, users may add filters, text, or sketch overlays and send them to selected friends.  Users set how long their friends can view their Snaps, which range from 1 to 10 seconds, after which the snap will be deleted and cannot be viewed again.

Snaps can be sent to friends privately or to My Story.  Snaps sent to My Story last for 24 hours and anyone that is on your friends list can view, with no limit on views, in that 24 hour period. Users can have multiple snaps go to My Story for a compilation of pictures and/or videos.

Direct messaging is also a feature, where you can send messages to users that you have befriended on Snapchat.  By default, messages are deleted after they are read.  You can also send messages in response to pictures, videos, and/or My Story.


  • It is very important to never sync your phone number or device with Snapchat if you are using a phone that you also use for your personal life. If you do, your personal friends and/or family members may find your cam girl snap chat. Unless you have a dedicated phone or device that is only for camming, never sync Snapchat with your phone and/or device!
  • Although photos and videos are deleted on the Snapchat application itself, and Snapchat will notify you if someone has taken a screenshot, it is best to not view this as an absolute. There are many programs in which users may capture videos and photos that are sent through Snapchat undetected. Please assume that anything you send through Snapchat, like anything else on the internet, is there forever.


Typically, cam girls accept payment for users to have access to their Snapchat through their cam site. Many cam girls sell Snapchat at a monthly rate and/or a forever rate. It is advisable to add a user to your Snapchat only after payment has been received. If a cam girl has a monthly Snapchat rate, it is advisable for the cam girl to keep good records to ensure that a member is notified and removed after the month is up.

It's also important to note that it is against Snapchat's rules for the application to be used as a service for adults, in the way many cam girls may use it. There have been reports of cam girls that have been banned from Snapchat for this reason. It is best to be discreet and know that this is a potential risk when using Snapchat for any cam girl related services.

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