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General Info

Streamate is a private based website. This means that models are not allowed to perform sexual acts in free chat, and instead must go to any number of private chat formats to perform shows.

Streamate is known by many of it's white labels, including Cammodels and SexyLadyShow. Streamate disallows models to speak about white label sites on cam to help prevent members from becoming confused.

For models, Streamate has many pros and cons. It is heralded as being a consistent earning site, but they also heavily use their model's images in advertising, which makes some women feel uncomfortable. Their geo-restrictions, while being effective and removing models from the advertising pool, have been known to drastically limit model earnings.

Types of shows available

There are four types of chatroom available on Streamate. They are:

  • Guest chat. This is the normal, public chatroom where sexual acts are not allowed.
  • Premium chat. This is analogous to a group show. One member initiates this chat and other members can join and leave as they please. The model pre-determines the price per minute for premium chats on her profile.
  • Exclusive chat. This is analogous to a private show. One member initiates this chat and no other member is allowed to join. When he leaves, the chat ends. The model pre-determines the price per minute for exclusive chats on her profile.
  • Gold shows. This is a unique type of group chat. The model determines the length of the show and price per member. The model works in public chat to reach her goal before the countdown timer ends. When the timer ends, the model either accepts her goal money and begins the show, or denies the money and cancels the show.

Some models become confused by the options provided in the guest chat. There are three possible chat windows within guest chat. They are:

  • Paid chat logs
  • Guest chat logs - Where credit card members chat
  • Free chat logs - Where non-credit card members chat

In guest chat, a model may choose to view the paid chat logs from paid sessions, the guest chat logs where potential customers are chatting, or the free chat logs where new members without a credit card are chatting. You have the option to close the free chat logs in your settings. Because paying members all appear in the guest chat logs, many models choose to ignore the free chat logs.

Placement on Homepage

Placement on Streamate is heavily affected by the following (not in order of effectiveness):

  • Use of the HD media encoder
  • Streaming in widescreen
  • Streaming with audio
  • Streaming without geo-blocking restrictions
  • Use of an HD webcam
  • Use of a computer which can handle media encoding and streaming without slowing down the feed
  • High-speed Internet

Many models already meet these specifications without needing to upgrade their equipment. Although new computers are beneficial, models have had great success streaming with computers that are years old.

Models who seek to increase their ranking find that being online every day, and staying online consistently, can very rapidly increase rankings. Unlike some other websites, money earned per hour does not seem to hugely affect ranking, although naturally the models who meet the above standards are likely also the ones who are making the most. It has been reported by some models that money earned per hour does come to play when competing for the top spots on the front page, but for most models it is a moot point.

For the most part, Streamate rewards models who work every day with good equipment. If a model is not being limited by poor equipment, it is relatively easy to raise ranking with consistency online. Likewise, when a model skips several days or weeks of work, she may find that her ranking has dropped when she begins streaming again. However, some models report that if they spend several hours on Streamate in one day, their ranking will temporarily increase the longer they are online.

Ranking on Streamate is not easy to determine because there is no numbered system which informs a model what ranking she has. Therefore, models must search for themselves on the front page to determine their own ranking. Because people can re-arrange the number of models shown per page, speaking of ranking in terms of "Page 2, row 5" is ineffective. Most models tend to generalize their rankings in terms of total rows, which always display the same number of models, such as, "my average ranking is on row 12," or, "my average ranking is on row 2."

Rankings on Streamate are extremely mobile, with models often jumping rows in a single shift. However, while general ranking is indicative of overall earnings, moving around a few rows in a shift will generally not cause decreased earnings.

Earnings and Payouts

On Streamate, non-studio models earn 35% (if a member tips a model one dollar, the model will receive thirty-five cents). The majority of studio models earn 30%. It is important for models to remember that the per-minute prices they choose for premium and exclusive shows on their profile are before the cut, not afterwords. A non-studio model with an exclusive per-minute price of $2.84 will actually earn about $1USD.

Some models receive "gold" tips in guest chat, with one gold equalling $1USD. However, this is not the preferred method of earning for most models. The vast majority of income for all models comes from premium, exclusive, and gold shows.

Streamate provides several payment options, including Payoneer, direct deposit, wire transfer, and check. The mailed checks are discreet but have the Streamate name and logo printed on the envelope.

The pay period for Streamate ends on Saturdays at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. After the pay period ends, models with different payment options will receive their money at different times. Models who receive checks are on a three week payment delay, and will receive their checks three weeks after the earning pay period ends. Models who receive direct deposit and Payoneer are paid on a one week delay after the earning pay period. Some models choose to sign up with a Daily Pay studio that pays out once a day instead of once a week, with no weekly delays after that.

Prices for Members

Members have several options for payment. They can choose to pay per minute for an exclusive or premium show, or they can choose to pay a one-time fee for gold shows. They also have the option to tip models gold within the guest chat.

Many members prefer to only watch gold shows due to the relatively cheap price. Therefore, models should avoid banning members who do not take them to premium and exclusive chats, in case they put out a paying gold show customer.

Types of member accounts