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What is Tumblr and do I need it to be a camgirl?

Tumblr is a blogging site that allows you to blog pictures, videos and text posts and share them. You do not need a tumblr or any other blog to be a camgirl, but many camgirls have begun utilizing tumblr as a tool to promote themselves and share information with their current fan base.

Another use for tumblr is to create a password protected blog, which you can sell the password to.

Tumblr can be found at www.tumblr.com and it's free to make an account. Remember to use an email account that is NOT associated with anything except camming.

How does Tumblr work?

The basics can be found in the tumblr help section it is very user friendly! If you have basic computer and internet skills, you should be able to use tumblr.

Some of the best features that camgirls utilize include the ability to link tumblr to your twitter account. What this means is if you post a photo to your tumblr account you can check a box, and it posts it instantly to your twitter account also. This helps people on twitter find your tumblr blog and keeps the accounts interconnected.

There is also the option to turn on 'asks'. This means that people can click a link on your blog and send you anonymous questions which you answer on your blog. You can also turn anonymous off, and only allow people who have tumblr blogs to ask you questions. This can be a good compromise if you find you are getting a lot of nasty comments in your inbox. No one can see the questions people send until you answer them and you do not have to answer anything you don't want to.

Can I post pornographic images and videos?

Yes! This is why camgirls use tumblr a lot!

You can tag your blog under settings as NSFW (Not safe for work). Then you should be able to post pornographic images, gifs (animated images) and words without any problem. However do note, that X rated videos are NOT allowed to be HOSTED on tumblr. You can host them on another video site, and link to them or embed them into your tumblr instead.

How do I get followers?

Remember that in order to follow you someone must create their own blog. This doesn't mean you aren't getting lots of people reading your blog. You can install google analytics into your blog code following their instructions, to see who is really reading your blog.

A few other tips: Use tags! Any time you post you can add tags to your post. For example, say you post a screenshot from a new girl/girl video you have available for sale. Tag it with the word "lesbians" "lesbian sex" and "girl/girl" and people that are searching tumblr for those tags will be able to find your post, and potentially buy the video, or reblog the picture to their followers!

Follow and reblog other camgirls!

Make sure your tumblr is linked in your profile page if the site you cam from allows this!

Mention it in chat if the site you work for allows it!

Link to it on your twitter, website and/or any other platforms you use!

Reward people when they follow! Offering a free picture when you get to a certain number of followers can work wonders

ASK people to share and reblog your pictures and content

Most importantly: Use tumblr the way that feels right to you! If you like reblogging other things that interest you, do so! If you only want to use it to post a daily picture of yourself do so! If you want to use it to answer fan questions do so! Be active, be yourself, and be a 'real' person on tumblr and you will gain followers.

Tumblr and privacy

You cannot block states, countries or IP addresses via tumblr. This means that it is almost impossible to take any precautions against certain people finding your tumblr. You can make a password protected tumblr, but this will not work for promotions! It can be a good tool to keep current tipping members interested and rewarded though!

Password Protected Tumblr

Another option for using tumblr is to create a password protected tumblr that you can sell the password to. You can do this in the settings section of your blog. You can change the password anytime, so its possible to sell access for a short amount of time. You can post links to download videos, pictures, and anything else you think members will want to pay for. To give them access you will send the link to the blog, and the password.

Creating a Custom Domain

The great thing about Tumblr is that it is very easy and cheap to create a custom URL. Most domains can be purchased for under $10 at anywhere that sells domains such as GoDaddy.com, NameCheap.com, Register.com, etc. You will want to buy WhoisGaurd protection to protect your name, address, and telephone number which can be free or usually no more than $10 for a year.

When you have a Tumblr and a custom domain, you will need to make a configuration change on your domain which your registrar should be able to instruct you with or you could find looking at the menu. You will either use the IP redirect (point A-record) to "" or point CNAME record to "domains.tumblr.com" which will allow you to redirect to Tumblr.

Go to Tumblr and go to your blog's settings. Under the area in which you can edit your blog's URL, you can check a box to use a custom domain. Check it then type in your domain you just purchased in the text box that appears. Then click "test your domain". If you've made any mistakes, read your registrar's and Tumblr's FAQ and continue trial and error until it works.