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Twitter is one of the most popular, quick and easy ways to not only keep in touch with fans, friends, and other cam girls, but also a great way to advertise yourself and the shows you'll be doing.

When you first create your Twitter account for your model persona, you'll want to follow some basic steps.

  • Use your cam girl name, cam girl email address, and either a vague or fake location (depending on how much information you'll be sharing about your real life) in the bio and during sign up process. Don't use a protected (private) account, as it defeats the purpose of advertising for yourself on Twitter. (In the future, if you want to start utilizing Twitter ONLY to keep in contact with your regulars, you can consider switching to protected, but your goal in the beginning is to get your name out there. See below for more information on protected accounts.)
  • Search for and follow other cam girls, porn stars, Tweeters/bloggers of your favorite hobbies.
  • Learn the lingo of Twitter. Learn the difference between replies vs. mentions, how to use and search hashtags, how to create and follow lists. Hashtag searches and other users' lists will also help you find new people to follow and talk to who are interested in the same things you are.
  • Learn the rules of Twitter. Graphic nudity and pornography are allowed however it is against the rules to have even implied nudity in your header or avatar. Accounts are frequently suspended for this, so ensure that your avatar and header comply with the rules.
  • Reply to and interact with these people that you're following in a down-to-earth and conversational way. You want people to see you as genuine, not just some robot who only tweets about how horny she is and she wants members for her cam show. Once you create some connections with these people, hopefully some of their followers will be interested (if they've seen your conversation) and will start to follow and interact with you as well. Keep things conversational and fun!
  • Tweet occasional pictures of yourself. (Remember to make sure your pictures have no location info attached to them, and make sure whatever you're tweeting from (especially if it's your phone) has location information turned off for that application. Also avoid tweeting pictures that show your location, such as being next to a well-known landmark.) Members of cam sites really enjoy seeing pictures of their favorite cam girls in day to day life. Use an app or program to watermark your images so when they're shared (they will be) people know it's you!
  • There are some "promoters" who will retweet your pics and promotional tweets and help you gain more followers. The good ones ask for nothing in return, except maybe the occasional fan sign to their public timeline. Easy enough! But there are some fake or scammy "promoters" that do you no good to interact with. If an account approaches you and asks you for promotional material such as private fan signs, free videos or Skype sessions in exchange for promotion, block them. Pick and choose the social media promoters you interact with carefully.

Once you've gotten a good grasp on how to get around and communicate on Twitter, everything else should come naturally. Many cam girls will utilize Twitter to update their followers when they are planning a big show, if they're having a sale on their content, and daily to let their members know what time they'll be on cam for that day.

Protected Twitter Accounts

Aside from using a protected account to limit your exposure, you may want to utilize it as a means privately share photos with members who pay a fee or subscription. You would manually approve followers once they submit payment in whatever form you choose, then update the account with photos and videos that only they can see.