What is a cam girl and what do they do?

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A cam girl is a paid performer, usually adult-oriented but sometimes non-nude, that entertains viewers on the Internet via a webcam. While there are cam girls who host their own "solo site", it is very popular to work on an existing cam site as a cam girl. Cam girls normally operate under a pseudonym for personal safety and do not share their real identity with anyone.

A cam site (see Current popular cam sites) takes care of the technical work (payment processing, programming, and hosting the site as well as providing a creative and intuitive platform for the cam girl to use), the advertising, etc., so that the cam girl only has to focus on the actual cam shows. Normally a cam girl on a cam site is an "independent contractor" for the cam site, not an employee. She purchases her own equipment (web cam, computer, Internet service, lighting, props, etc.), makes her own hours and decides what type of shows she'll do. Some girls may choose to work for a studio, and sometimes studios provide the previous items for the girl, depending on the contract. See Studio vs. Independent to learn more about what studios may provide as well as pros and cons.

This wiki is more tuned toward independent cam girls who work on existing cam sites.

What do they do?

That's really up to them and the rules set forth on the cam site she works on. Many cam girls' shows are sexual in nature, getting nude and using toys or fingers for masturbation. Some are very teasing and alluring and use body language (as well as spoken language) to titillate viewers. Some cam girls display their extraordinary talents, such as hula hooping, costume play, playing an instrument or singing, gymnastics or even juggling to entertain their viewers. There are even cam girls who simply chat with their viewers, without including anything overtly sexual, in such a way that friendships are formed. Members pay for a cam girls time either in pay-per-minute type shows, or by chipping in with tips during public chat. See Types of "shows" for more information on that.

So they just get on live cam and do sexy stuff?

While some cam girls may just do that, there is additional work that can be put in to be more successful. Most girls will invest time other than just being on cam to maximize their income:

  • Creating and offering additional content (videos, picture sets, Skype sessions, Snapchat or other messenger access) for their members, available by tipping on the cam site or other payment methods. See Off-site content and shows for more details.
  • Building a consistent fan base via social networking. See "Marketing and advertising yourself and your shows" on the Main Page for a list of common social networks and methods.
  • Creating interactive games and prizes for their members, including sending out physical prizes for raffles, auctions and to reward high tippers. See Camming and Confidentiality for information on keeping your identity and mailing address safe.