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Address Safety

It is best to never list your actual name or address to receive gifts from Amazon, for the following reasons:

  • Your city and state of the mailing address will show on Amazon, for the entire internet to see.
  • It is entirely possible the shipping company will provide the buyer with your address, as they are a third party. The buyer may also be able to contact the seller or shipping company for this information.

Therefore, it is advisable to obtain some kind of PO Box that is far away enough from your actual physical address and use a fake name with which to receive items from clients. It is also best to be okay with anyone finding out the name and address you choose to have items shipped to. The best recommendation is a UPS box, because your name on the account is not as easy to obtain via public records as a USPS box is. Ask the UPS store to allow packages to your "alias" for anonymity purposes.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a much more safe way to receive gifts from clients. The guy will only need your e-mail address to send the gift card (and always use your cam girl e-mail address). However, there is still some risk with this method.

Please understand that, unless you spend 100% of the gift card, the guy can request a refund through Amazon. Applying the card to your account does not make the money safe against returns. Therefore, it's advisable to only obtain Amazon gift cards from clients you trust will not request a return through Amazon or for when you actually need to purchase an item and can use the entire gift card immediately. Never perform a show or provide services in exchange for a gift card you have not completely used yet.

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