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General Info

BongaCams is a token based cam site, with members and models primarily in the EU region. Female, male, couples and transgender models are able to cam here. Payment is made to models in USD.

BongaCams is known for its high traffic, referral rewards, and for their hourly and weekly contests that are more obtainable to win for the average cam model. Models are also able to do VIP shows, which contribute to make this cam site stand out positively. Unfortunately, BongaCams is also known for having very misleading and oftentimes incorrect marketing in order to deceive both models and members. Namely, such incorrect marketing examples include how much of a percentage a model earns.

All in all, BongaCams has proven itself to be an excellent cam site to use either as a main site or as a site to split cam with, for many cam models. Giving away outside contact information, such as a Twitter account or Snapchat, is not allowed, which may make the site more or less favorable depending on a model's preferences. It also may be a good cam site for beginners, as there is no cam score system for page placement.

Types of shows available

Free Chat

This is where any member may view and/or tip a model. Full nudity and penetration shows are allowed. Commonly, a model will use a tip menu to advertise prices in their chat room topic as well as have a countdown to perform a particular show. A model is able to set it so no free members may speak in the chat room, which is very advisable to enable.

Voyeur Chat aka "Spy"

A model can initiate this mode, at any time, without first securing a paying member. This takes the model out of free chat and into a mode where she/he is only view-able by members that pay 7 tokens per minute. This is an excellent feature for those models that split-cam, as this can be clicked when securing a show or private on a different cam site. It may also be used, at the model's discretion, to boost earnings. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is the cheapest payable chat mode. Therefore, it may be oftentimes requested by members for this reason.

Group Chat

The model sets the required amount of users. If this requirement is met, the model will be automatically taken into the group show area where each member pays 15 tokens per minute. If the required amount of users is not met, the model has the choice to begin the group chat anyway with less users.

Private Chat

A user can invite a model to private chat in which the model will earn 30 tokens per minute. Spies are able to access this show at the rate of 7 tokens per minute.

Full Private Chat

A user can invite a model to full private chat in which the model will earn 45 tokens per minute. In this mode, no spies may access the show and it is a true one-on-one experience between the member and the model.

VIP Show

A model can perform a VIP show for BongaCams by scheduling the show with support via their live chat system within a model's dashboard. Typically, a VIP show is 30 minutes long and BongaCams pays models a flat fee of $25. A VIP Show can be up to 60 minutes, in which BongaCams will pay the model a flat fee of $50, but it is rare that BongaCams offers a full hour. Models are not allowed to split cam, while performing a VIP Show. Please also keep in mind that any geo-blocks are removed for the duration of the VIP Show. A model can schedule herself for VIP Shows as often as every 4 days.

*Please note that these chat modes have a fixed rate and models are unable to change them.

*From popular opinion of many models that cam on Bonga, the "free chat culture" on BongaCams tends to be cheaper as compared to MFC. It is therefore recommended for models to make as much use as possible from the paid chat modes and to not feel shy about leaving free chat in order to do so.

Placement on Homepage

Female models are shown on the homepage by default but a user may click on male, couple or transgender models. Similar to SM, categories are also shown on the left side of the page such as "Asian" or "Brunette". It is currently unknown how exactly placement is determined on the home page. However, from what has been observed on BongaCams, it is believed to be as follows:

  • The IP address of the user determines which models are shown first. For example, if the user is from the USA, models from the USA will be shown first. Which USA models are shown first is usually determined by the highest room count, but not always.
  • After models from the user's country, other models from different countries are shown to the user, usually in order by the highest room count but not always.

*Please note that models also have a "Go to First Place" Button within their dashboard that will put them in first on the page. Models obtain this button when they have new model status (which lasts two weeks) or if a model has made $450 or more the previous week. With this button acquired through new model status, the button can be used once every 24 hours and lasts several minutes. After new model status has worn off, a model must have made $450 the previous week for the button to appear. This button can then be used 5 times every 24 hours.

Earnings and Payouts

Percentage of Earnings

A model's percentage of earnings depends on the token package a member purchases. At the highest token package purchased at 18 cents per token, a model will earn 27.78% with a 50% "RevShare" score. At the lowest token package purchased at 10 cents per token, a model will earn 50% with a 50% "RevShare" score.

"RevShare" Score

Each model that signs up to BongaCams has a "RevShare" score of 40% which means that this model will earn 4 cents per token. Upon completing all of the following items, a model's "RevShare" score will be 50%, which means that this model will earn 5 cents per token. This is taken directly from the model's dashboard on BongaCams:

Fill your profile and get 5% more Upload at least 1 video to your profile and get 5% more
  • -Upload minimum 3 Photos
  • -Fill "About me" page
  • -Fill your schedule
  • -Fill your wish list
  • -Set Individual Background for your profile
  • -Set Individual Font for your profile
  • -Fill "What We do on webcam" list
  • -Upload at least 1 video to your profile and get 5% more

*It is very important to note that a model's "RevShare" score DOES NOT mean the model's percentage of earnings, as it would seemingly imply. It is currently believed by many models that this is just one of the ways that Bonga tries to be deliberately misleading to their models. "RevShare" is simply a way to determine how many cents a model will receive per token.

Frequency of Payment

BongaCams pays weekly. Their week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Payments are made every Friday for the previous week's earnings. There is a minimum payment amount of $50 for models.

Payment Methods

A model may choose between the following payment methods:

  • Payoneer (no fee)
  • Paxum (no fee)
  • WebMoney (3% fee)
  • Wire Transfer ($535 minimum payout with a $35 fee)
  • Check (no fee - USA only)
  • Direct Deposit (no fee - USA only)

Referral System

BongaCams also offers a referral system for models, as an additional way to earn money. A model receives 15% of every purchase by his/her referred members for life. This can be brought up to 25% by messaging support, after a model has several paying referred members. A model receives 5% of all earnings from other models that he/she refers for life.


BongaCams offers two contests for models to participate in, as follows:

  • Hourly Contest: The top two models with the highest room count for each hour will earn extra money. The first place model will win $10. The second place model will earn $5.
  • Weekly Contest: This is a weekly contest for models to earn extra money. Each hour, the top 30 models that have earned the highest amount of tokens will earn points, as follows:

#1 = 100 points, #2 = 80 points, #3 = 75 points, #4 = 70 points, #5 = 65 points, #6 = 60 points, #7 = 55 points, #8 = 50 points, #9 = 45 points, #10 = 40 points, #11 = 35 points, #12 = 30 points, #13 = 25 points, #14 = 20 points, #15 = 18 points, #16 = 16 points, #17 = 14 points, #18 = 12 points, #19 = 11 points, #20 = 10 points, #21 = 9 points, #22 = 8 points, #23 = 7 points, #24 = 6 points, #25 = 5 points, #26 = 4 points, #27 = 3 points, #28 = 2 points, #29 = 1 point, and #30 = 25 points.

At the end of the week, the top 100 models with the most points will win extra money, as follows:

1st place wins $1000

2nd place wins $500

3rd place wins $300

4th-15th place win $100

16th-30th place win $50

31st-50th win $25

51st-100th place win $15

*BongaCams weekly contest is known for being pretty fair, as models from all income levels are able to participate and win extra money.

Prices for Members

Payment Options

In the USA, members may purchase tokens through Credit Card (via SegPay or LPB), PayPal, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin. Each option has a different token to payment ratio, as follows:

Credit Card

56 tokens = $7.99 ($0.143 per token)

144 tokens = $19.99 ($0.139 per token)

454 tokens = $49.99 ($0.11 per token)

671 tokens = $74.99 ($0.112 per token)

Pay Pal

18 tokens = $2.99 ($0.166 per token)

50 tokens = $7.99 ($0.16 per token)

107 tokens = $19.99 ($0.187 per token)

200 tokens = $29.99 ($0.15 per token)

356 tokens = $49.99 ($0.14 per token)

531 tokens = $74.99 ($0.141 per token)


100 tokens = 0.0276 BitCoin

Bank Transfer

500 tokens = $50.00 ($0.10 per token)

*It is important to note that, while Bank Transfer is the best value for tokens, it will take 2-3 business days to process the purchase for the tokens to then be added to the member's account. 500 tokens is also the minimum purchase amount for bank transfers.

Other Payment Options

Depending on where the member is from, there will be other payment options. One example is SMS for Europeans.

Daily Member's Contest

BongaCams has a daily contest for members. The top 5 spenders on the site will receive some tokens back, as follows:

1st place = 200 tokens

2nd place = 150 tokens

3rd place = 100 tokens

4th place = 50 tokens

5th place = 25 tokens

Other Member Bonuses

  • The first time a member purchases tokens, that member will be credited 10 tokens.
  • Each member has their own referral link. Members will receive 50% of their referred member's first purchase only.

Types of member accounts

There are five types of member accounts at BongaCams, as follows:


A free member simply has to register on the site and confirm his/her email address.


A member becomes gold after his/her first token purchase of any amount. Gold membership status never expires. This membership allows the member to access to all of the paid chat modes, the ability to open up his/her webcam, as well as to add models to his/her friend's list. There is a purchase limit of $1647.45.


A member becomes platinum after he/she has spent $549.15 worth of tokens. This allows the member to change their nickname, customize font in chat rooms, a premium member icon and the ability to send a model a PM without being on the model's friend's list. There is a purchase limit of $5491.50.


A member becomes unlimited after he/she has spent $1647.45 worth of tokens. This gives the member an unlimited icon and personalized support as well as a different tone when this user PMs a model. There is a purchase limit of $32,949.


A member pays a monthly fee to obtain and maintain VIP status. Once VIP, a member has access to daily VIP shows performed by models, a VIP icon, access to additional avatars, no ads and priority support. The cost of VIP membership is as follows:

3 Month VIP Status = $19.98 per month (recurring)

1 Month VIP Status = $24.95 per month (recurring)

1 Month VIP Status = $39.95 per month (one-time payment)

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.