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General Info

Cam4 is a free chat, token based cam site, similar to MFC and Chaturbate. Models each maintain their own individual channel in a free, public video stream, complete with a text chat room. Multiple show formats, chat topics, and goals can be arranged by the model. HD video streams are supported and encouraged. OBS is the suggested broadcasting software for Cam4 but the site fully supports ManyCam or any other broadcasting program.

Types of Shows Available

Cam4 models can offer up to 4 types of shows in their public room, a private room, and a fan club as well as external offerings:

Public/Free Chat

Models can set goals to reach before offering viewers a specific show or start a show and hope members will tip during the show for it to continue. A tip goal can be set by the model and displayed as a bar on the page and fill in as members tip towards completion. The current high tipper is listed there along with their high tip.

Private Show

Members can request a private show from a model. The member and model are changed to a private channel where the model can perform the agreed upon show. Models can choose to disable private shows, enable them or (when enabled) accept/deny requested shows. Private show pricing is chosen by the model based on 6 options:

  •  12 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
  •  18 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
  •  24 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy -- Default
  •  24 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy
  •  30 Tokens/Minute, 6 Tokens/Minute Spy
  •  30 Tokens/Minute, 12 Tokens/Minute Spy

Spy Show

While a private show, models may choose to enable or disable spy mode (aka voyeur mode) which allows other members to spy in on the show. Spying members can neither see chat nor type in chat. They are limited to only receiving the show stream. Pricing for spy shows, if enabled, are set from one of 6 options chosen by the model (listed above under "Private Show").

Group Show

Models can choose to begin a show allowing multiple members into a semi private room. The model sets the cost for a ticket at 10, 25, 50, or 100 tokens and the timer at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. The show begins after a set token goal is reached or if the model selects to begin the show immediately. Members who did not pre-purchase are allowed to purchase a ticket at any time during the show. The remaining time for the show is displayed in the public room. During the show, the model may choose to extend the show at any time but may not reduce the duration. If a show ends early or if a token goal is not reached, all purchased tickets are refunded immediately. If a model disconnects, they will be allowed to reconnect 3 times before the shows is automatically canceled. If members leave the show or disconnect they may reenter at any time, as they have already purchased a ticket.

Private Room

Models who are also gold members on the site are allowed to create a private room with password restriction. This locks a model's room so that only members with the password created by the model may access the room.

Fan Club

Fan Clubs are offered, if a model chooses. Fan club membership costs a set 25 tokens per month, or $4.95 if using a credit card, which is added straight to the model's earnings. Fan club members receive the following:

  • Access to special galleries by the model
  • Priority in the model's message queue
  • Unlimited messaging to the model
  • A special badge in chat
  • Unlimited spy show access to all of the model's private shows

External Promotions

Models are allowed to sell access to social media, Skype, underwear, etc or nearly anything else members would want to buy as long as all payment for said goods and/or services are done in tokens through Cam4. Models are allowed to exchange any contact information with members for messaging, calls, etc as long as the details are not made public in the chat room and payment is always done through Cam4.

Placement on Homepage

Placement on the homepage is done solely based on room count. There are different sections for the following:

  • Trending
  • Females
  • Males
  • Couples
  • Trans
  • Recent
  • USA Cams
  • English Cams
  • Private Shows
  • Mobile Shows
  • HD Cams
  • Premium Cams
  • New

Earnings & Payouts

Tokens are valued at $0.10 per token making 10 tokens equivalent to $1.00. Payments are not sent automatically and instead are requested by the model. Once a model requests pay out, the model will be paid in the next scheduled payout. So long as the model has obtained sufficient tokens to reach the payout limit for the model's chosen payout method, the request can be made. Payout to models is done via:

  • Check

Models can choose to have a bank check printed and mailed to them for payment. Minimum payment of $50.00 needed. There is no cost to be sent a check. The check sent is discreet from a "Crosstown Services, LLC" from Greenwood Village, CO. Delivery of checks in US/Canada can take up to 2-4 weeks. Delivery of checks outside Canada/US can take up 4-6 weeks. It may take an additional 1-3 business days to process the check.

  • Wire Transfer

Models can choose to have their payment sent electronically directly to their bank account. There is a fee of $25.00 USD per wire transfer request. A model's bank may also charge additional fees. A minimum payment of $50 is needed. 1-2 bank days are requested for delivery with an additional 1-3 days to process.

  • Payoneer

Models can choose to have payment sent their Payoneer account. Payoneer is an international payment distribution system using prepaid, rechargeable MasterCard cards. There are fees associated with Payoneer. Minimum payment of $50.00 is needed. It takes 3 working days an additional 1-3 business days to process.

  • Tokens

Models can choose to have their earnings converted back into tokens for use on the Cam4 website.

Prices for Members

Members have the option of purchasing tokens, in various package sizes, with the larger packages having a lower cost per token rate. Token packages are listed as:

  • 50 Tokens @ 0.1990/token - $9.95
  • 100 Tokens @ $0.1899/token - $18.99
  • 250 Tokens @ $0.1798/token - $44.95
  • 500 Tokens @ $0.1699/token - $84.95

Gold Membership

If a member chooses to purchase a Gold Membership, they are credited with 100 free tokens.features. Gold Membership has 2 pricing options:

  • $0.00 for 3 days followed by $19.95 per month recurring billing
  • $19.95 now for 1 month followed by $19.95 per month recurring billing

Each pricing choice includes the option to add a 100 token package to the purchase, for the full price of $18.99, and includes a free 50 tokens with that.

Types of Member Accounts


Normal member accounts can purchase tokens, view shows, purchase group show tickets, spy on private shows, purchase private shows and purchase access to any content offered by models to members. Normal members have the option to purchase upgraded membership to become a Gold Member.


Gold members have all of the access of normal members as well as a long list of additional benefits and features:

  • Private Messaging to Models
  • Fanfare when member enters a model's room
  • Use of full screen video mode
  • Ability to watch multiple cams
  • Use of picture-in-picture feature
  • Dozens of emoticons
  • Ability to hide username in chat
  • Ability to tip anonymously
  • Access to Cam4 mail
  • Live chat support with customer service
  • Ability to send exclusive free virtual gift to member's favorite model
  • Access to the Daily Gold Show
  • Access to the Friends&Favorites tab
  • Access to more saved searches
  • Early access to new features on the Cam4 site
  • Ability to vote on new features
  • Ability to broadcast in Private Cam mode
  • No ads
  • No chat limits
  • Gold username in chat channels
  • Chat live with porn stars
  • More search results listed

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.