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General Info

Clips4Sale is a site primarily for selling videos (referred to as "clips"). It is most popular and known for its wide range of fetish content. Members do not have to sign up for an account, but can simply visit your page and use a "Buy Now" button to purchase content.

Clips4Sale also operates Images4Sale (photo selling site) and Videos4Sale (DVD selling site), however those are not as frequently used. Additionally, you can operate a members only site, in which members pay a monthly fee to view videos and photosets, as well as blogs and other content.

Registering for Clips4Sale

Registration for Clips4Sale can be a bit confusing so here are a few tips to ensure that your registration goes quickly and smoothly. To sign up as an individual clip maker, go to “Open A Studio”. You will register as a studio account. When given the option to choose Business or Individual, choose Individual. This will set you up for the correct account type.

The email address you register with will be shown to customers so it is vital to your security that you use a camming/clip making-only address.

Once your store has been approved, you are required to upload 10 unique clips before your store can accept credit cards. Upload the ten clips and then email Support to let them know your store is ready for activation! They’ll get you activated so you can start making sales.

Increasing Exposure

It's recommended to upload clips as frequently as possible and as consistently as possible. Usually, this means once per day at least. There is a scheduling function so clip makers may upload clips ahead of time and schedule their release at the same time(s) each day. This frequency and consistency is especially important during the "New Studio Status" which will drive a lot more traffic to your page. Therefore, it is highly advisable to not sign up until you have a lot of clips ready to go and scheduled to maximize your New Studio Status and to show customers consistency.

Clips4Sale limits each studio to two versions of each clip meaning that you are allowed to upload a 1080p and 720p version of the same clip or an MP4/MOV/AVI version. All versions are the same clip but are different files so you can upload them at separate times of the day to increase your studio's exposure time on the homepage “Recently Updated Studios” listing. Being in the "Recently Updated Studios" listing is usually vital to acquire traffic and sales to your store.

An extension of the above practice is to further increase your studio exposure by opening a second “Mobile” studio and uploading the same clip (or limit it to your most popular clips) 2 more times under smaller formats (680 & 480). These two uploads can then be further staggered between your normal store uploads so that your store name spends even more time in the recent activity section of the site homepage. A button or link can be created to connect your primary and mobile store as well. Links within the clip descriptions indicating “For XXXXX format, see my HD/Mobile store” will further help customers navigate to find the version they are looking for.

Clips4Sale offers a lot of features, including being able to see where traffic has come from and which clips have sold the most. It is advisable to look through this information frequently and consistently to help guide you through what types of clips and what upload times work best for you. Google analyics are also supported.

Earnings and Payout

Clip makers receive 60% of the price for each clip sold. For example, if your clip costs the customer $9.99, you will receive $5.99 for that.

Customers can also send you Tributes (monetary gifts) if you enable them in your store, which is advisable. Cam girls receive 75% of all tributes.

Payments are sent via check, ACH, or wire transfer. Payouts are sent once per month, approximately on the 7th of each month. The pay period runs from the first day of the month until the last. For example, all of the money you earned between January 1st-31st will be paid on February 7th.

Prices For Members

By default, Clips4Sale sets all clip prices at a dollar per minute + $0.99, so a two minute clip would be $2.99 while a seven minute clip would be $7.99. This is the minimum price, meaning that for clips under five minutes, you cannot go lower than their default price. Generally, the longer the clip, the more price options are available to you. For example, a 25 minute clip may allow you to go down to $14.99. Many studios stick with the default price of a dollar per minute + $0.99, but not all do. For example, studios may raise the price for taboo or domination clips, or may lower the price for longer clips to make them more enticing to customers. It’s up to personal preference and you can change it at any time.

Types of Member Accounts

Customers do not have to register for an account to use Clips4Sale, meaning there are not member accounts. You can’t see or message members; there is very little on-site interaction. That said, after 2 weeks, you are able to link to your social media and even your e-mail address, which is recommended if you are open to taking custom clip requests.

However, many customers are repeat visitors to Clips4Sale and, hopefully, to your store! Customers are given the option to bookmark your studio at the top of your studio’s homepage, can email you, or opt in to your email list to receive updates whenever you send them. Although the set up is unique, if you create quality content and upload regularly, you’ll acquire regulars just like anywhere else.

Membership Site Members

Members can join your membership site, which is automatically built for you when you create a Clips4Sale studio. Anytime you upload a clip, you can choose whether it will be included in your member site. A member who signs up for this pays a set price (set by you in the admin area) to view all clips and photos that you’ve included on the membership page, as well as any blogs or other content. This is a non-recurring membership which allows them access for 30 days, and they cannot download the content but just stream it.

Contributors to this Page

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