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General Info

GiftRocket is a payment service, available to users only in the USA, that allows users to send and receive money. The sender needs only an e-mail address to send the payment and has the option to make a suggestion on where the recipient should spend the payment, such as at a particular store or on a particular item. The recipient can choose to receive the money into his/her bank account or credit on a credit card. The sender incurs a fee of $2 + 5% of the total purchase.


Gift Rocket does not allow users to use Gift Rocket for selling services or receiving payment for services. Therefore, it is best to be discreet and use this as a payment platform with trusted clients. Many cam girls use this service without any issue.

One liked feature about Gift Rocket is that your personal information will not display during any transaction but personal information must be shared with Gift Rocket themselves in order to receive payment.

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Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.