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General Info

Google Wallet is a payment service, available to users only in the USA, that allows users to send and receive money. It is linked to an existing google account which further links to a user's bank account and/or debit card. The link and set up takes barely a minute and is very fast and easy to set up. A user only needs to know the recipients e-mail address to send payments. There are no fees associated with the service.


It is important to note that Google Wallet is not adult friendly. Therefore, for cam girl purposes, it is advisable to be very discreet and use it only with clients you trust.

One popular feature is that your personal information is not shared. For example, you can set your name to be "Jane Doe" and that is what will display when users send you money by your e-mail.

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.