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General Info, for cam girl purposes, is a free image host that is also adult friendly*. Models may create an Imgur account to host images. Typically, models use the URL to the images to display on various camming profiles, forums, etc. Imgur is also an image community where users can share what they upload within the community. Images uploaded to a profile remain private, unless shared. It is advisable to only upload photos using a logged in Imgur account in order to keep images private, and to enable more link distribution options.

*Imgur does have a community rule limiting the upload of pornographic images, but has historically been very lax about actually upholding this policy. It is "adult friendly" in the fact that they seem to ignore their own rule.

Upload Limits

The maximum file size for non-animated images is 20MB. The maximum file size for GIFs is 200MB. 

Distributing Links to Members

Individual Image Host

Select "hidden" if you're going to share the link with selected members.

Once an image is uploaded on Imgur with an account, you can simply click on that image and go to "Direct URL". This will give you access to use this image for any HTML for camming profiles, forums as well as to share this link with any member(s).


You can also create an album of multiple images. There are settings on the album (much like on individual images) that you can set to either be public, hidden, or secret. Hidden allows only people who have the direct link to view it. That's the option you'd choose in order to share the link with, say, the winner of a contest or such. Secret will make it a completely private album that only you can see when you're logged in to your Imgur account.

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