Inter-model conflicts

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It isn't completely out of the ordinary, considering the competitiveness between cam girls and the atmosphere on many of the cam sites, to run into a fellow cam girl who has a bad attitude. In general, the best advice is to worry about yourself and never speak ill to or about another cam girl. It's just professionalism and should exist among cam girls on the Internet as it would in any work place.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Members sometimes like to keep things exciting by spreading rumors and watching the drama unfold. Not everything you hear is true. If Member A says that Cam Girl B said something bad about you, don't just jump to the conclusion that it's true and go start a fight with Cam Girl B.
  • If you want to inquire or confront another cam girl about something you think they may have said, do it privately and keep calm and collected. Approaching the situation like a mature adult will always get you farther than using profane language and spouting accusations. Remember, you don't know what happened yet.
  • On most sites, you are able to block cam girl's accounts from accessing your public chat room. This can be a very good idea to avoid any conflict arising in the first place. It's (unfortunately) quite common for other cam girls to "prey" on your members in your room if allowed in. Not all girls are this way, but it's definitely a possibility. Cam girls can create a member account on most cam sites if they'd like to spend time in your room. (And even then it would be considered courteous for them to not announce that they are a cam girl.)
  • You should never, ever speak badly about a fellow cam girl in your chat room. Aside from being unprofessional, you never know who could be watching or listening. Ask your members to also refrain from negative comments while they're in your room. Conversations in your room can be a reflection on YOU and make you look bad for not putting a stop to it.
  • It isn't another cam girl's fault if you're having a bad day on cam. Even if you do share members with another cam girl, you are not in control of what members do. Keep focused on yourself instead of other cam girls' success. Jealousy is human nature, but how you control it and handle it is what counts. Keep it in check!