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>>> About Cam Girl Wiki <<<

This guide is written by cam girls, for cam girls, and is here to help anyone in (or looking to get into) the exciting job of webcam modeling. Keep in mind that while it was written by verified cam girls, sometimes advice and info can be driven by personal opinion and experiences. This guide is merely here to help you get an idea of what being a cam girl is all about and is by no means a hardcore guideline to go by. Every cam girl is different in how they operate and what makes them successful.

Very special thanks to these ladies for their contributions to this wiki and all their support! This will always be a work in progress. If you're interested in contributing and are already a verified cam girl on ACF, contact me at the forum (AmberCutie).

Below are some of the basics. We just hope it helps, even if just a little bit!

Just starting out?

What is a cam girl and what do they do?

Current popular cam sites

Consider your comfort zone

Camming and Confidentiality

Deciding which site is best for you and first steps

Types of "shows" on cam sites

Studio vs. Independent

Signing up and creating a profile

Items you need

Best webcams


Hardware, software, and Internet

Props and location

Business sense, budgeting, and tax savings

What to expect (shows, members, other models)

Personality and Attitude

Member types


Off-site content and shows

Inter-model conflicts

Common Terms and Acronyms

Marketing and advertising yourself and your shows



Personal website and/or blog

Watermarking your content

Girl/Girl shows

Tips and Tricks

Hair, Makeup, Shaving

Health and Hygiene

Low-Budget Solutions

Having trouble succeeding? Troubleshooting guide

Protecting yourself during contests and games

Sites, forums and communities for Cam Girls