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General Info

ManyVids is a site primarily for selling videos (referred to as "clips"). It is known to have mostly vanilla content, which is speculated to be one of the reasons why many cam girls choose to make a profile on ManyVids. Although fetish shops are allowed, they are not as prevalent. One strong feature of ManyVids is the model's ability to create a MV link for a user to download and view the video or videos for free. The only catch is that the member has to sign up to ManyVids. This is a great feature when a member purchases a video through a camming site, for example. Unlike most clip sites, geo-blocking is also available for up to 3 regions and 3 countries.

Types of Content

Models on ManyVids have the option to sell the following content and services:

  • Memberships (3, 6, and 12 month options)
  • Skype Shows
  • Texting
  • Phone Number
  • Fund Me option
  • Custom Videos
  • Contests
  • Store Items*

*Store items can be pretty much anything. To give examples, you can sell panties and shoes to other items like requesting x amount for an item on your wishlist or selling a picture set.

ManyVids Profiles

Each ManyVids profile has the following:

  • The model's avatar
  • Three animated previews, as one large cover photo
  • A short slogan that the model chooses
  • The model's country of origin
  • The model's services (such as Skype, texting, custom videos, etc)
  • The model's videos
  • The model's store items
  • The models pictures
  • A wall where members may post
  • An about section that details the model's measurements and stats. Models are free to link to their own personal website and/or camming profile.
  • The model's placement number aka "MV Girl" number
  • The model's MV Score
  • An option to message the model

MV Girl and MV Score

When users click on "MV Girls", models are ranked in order of MV score. For example, MV girl #1 has the highest MV score and MV girl #2 has the second highest score and so on.

According to MV, MV score is based on the following things, judged by the last 45 days:

  • The amount of sales you make
  • The amount of profile and vid hearts you get
  • The amount of vids and store items you create
  • The number of times we automatically tweet to your linked twitter account
    (new vids, store items and gallery images)
  • MV reviews, 5 points will be added for each full review (max of 200 points)

Additionally, a model may raise her MV score, in the following ways:

  • Filling out your profile completely: 75 points
  • Linked Twitter account: 75 points
  • Having 10+ videos listed: 175 points
  • Having 7+ gallery photos: 75 points
  • Having 10+ store items: 125 points
  • Having a Membership: 100 points
  • Offering Services: 25 points each for up to 125 points

Earnings and Payouts

Models on ManyVids earn 60% on all sales made through her ManyVids profile.

Top 100 Contest

ManyVids runs a monthly contest for both MV girls and MV studios. Although the top 100 studios are listed, only the top 20 earners in each category win additional money, as follows:

  • MV Girls

1st place: $1200

2nd place: $900

3rd place: $800

4th place: $600

5th place: $500

6th place: $400

7th place: $300

8th place: $250

9th place: $250

10th place: $200

11th place: $150

12th place: $150

13th place: $150

14th place: $100

15th place-20th place: $100

  • MV Studios

1st place: $600

2nd place: $450

3rd place: $400

4th place: $300

5th place: $250

6th place: $200

7th place: $150

8th place-9th place: $125

10th place-11th place: $100

12th place-15th place: $75

16th place-20th place: $50


Models are able to earn extra by referring other models to join ManyVids. The rate is $25 earned after the referred model uploads her second video.

Payment Options

Models can choose between the following payment options:

  • Check (no fee, $100 minimum)
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer ($15 fee, $250 minimum)
  • International Wire Transfer ($25 fee, $250 minimum)
  • Direct Deposit (no fee, $150 minimum)

Prices for Members

Models set the prices on their content. Members select which content to put in their cart and check out.

Payment Options

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Bitcoin

Types of member accounts

Premium Membership

ManyVids offers a premium membership. It comes with the following benefits:

  • MV Messenger
  • New message Notifications
  • Unlimited downloads to purchased videos
  • Access to Blocked Previews
  • Premium Membership Badge

Premium membership has a cost of:

  • 12 month membership: $9.99/month
  • 3 month membership: $14.99/month
  • 1 month membership: $29.99/month
Membership Rankings

Similar to the MV Girl rankings, there are also MV Member rankings that list the member's score and placement. This is a good indicator of what this member has spent on the site. All members have a profile with this information as well as an about section, a wall, and a section that lists all of the videos that member has reviewed.

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.