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General Info

MyGirlFund is a site that focuses on one-on-one interactions through messaging, live chatting, webcam shows, and content sales. While models and members can interact together in a variety of ways, members cannot interact with each other, thus leading to more intimate experience that emphasizes friendships and connections more than some other sites. There is no minimum or maximum pricing structure on MyGirlFund, so you are free to choose your own prices and adjust them on individual basis if you choose.

Sign up can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process on MyGirlFund. You are required to upload your photo ID, a verification photo (a photo of yourself with a sign indicating your username and “MyGirlFund” on it - if you are accepted to the site, this photo will be public to all members so be sure that you are happy with how you look in it), as well as six photos and some profile information. After submitting all documents, you must wait until your profile is approved to become active on the site. This waiting period ranges from a few hours, to a few months, with some profiles never being approved. Although you can email to ask for clarification, most women receive a form email stating that they must wait until their profile is approved. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this as many women of all looks and types are approved, and while it can be frustrating the only thing to do is email them and simply wait it out.

Earnings and Payouts

MyGirlFund starts all new models at a 65% pay rate - meaning, for every dollar you earn on MyGirlFund, you will take home $0.65. For every $5000 gross you earn (meaning when you have earned $3250 in take-home pay), your pay percentage increases by 2.5%, up to a maximum take-home percentage of 90%. If you delete your account and sign up again later, you will lose all progress made on your payment level and revert back to 65%.

One of the main benefits of MyGirlFund is that you can cash out as soon as you reach your minimum payout (different for each payment method). Therefore, rather than waiting for a predetermined payday, you can cash out your fund at any time - it is advisable to cash out every $100 or so, in case of cash out delays or site problems.

Payments are offered via direct deposit, cheque, and Payoneer. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each.

It is possible to have both direct deposit and Payoneer enabled at once, allowing you to choose which option you’d prefer for each individual cashout.

An important note - your current fund amount displays on the left hand side of your homepage when you log in (this is only viewable to you - nobody else can see your fund). If you are registered for direct deposit, your $2 fee will be deducted from the first transactions that you have. This is why it may appear that your fund is empty even after responding to a few paid messages - you are simply rebuilding your fund and paying the fees first. A breakdown of your fees and progress on your fund can be found under the “my fund” tab.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is available only to models in the U.S. or Canada. There is a $2 fee for direct deposit that is pre-emptively deducted from your earnings, and it generally takes about 3-5 days to receive your funds. Models who choose direct deposit may cash out anytime after their fund has reached $20 or more.


Cheques are available to all models, but take longer to receive, and there is a $10 fee for cheque processing that is taken from your fund. Models who receive cheques may only cash out when they have a balance of $100 or more in their fund.


Payoneer is a popular option as the card is standard issue for many sites. MyGirlFund does not charge any fees to cash out to Payoneer, however there is a $2 charge on Payoneer’s end for deposits that will be in your account within 2 days, or you can select to pay $5 instead to have your card loaded immediately (within approximately 2 hours). Payoneer also offers direct deposit to international bank accounts.

Prices for Members

Members have the option of either preloading credits to their account, or sending a contribution directly from their credit card. Although contributions show up in models inboxes as dollars, they are purchased as credits for members. The more credits they buy at once, the cheaper they are, as is illustrated below.

1 credit - $1.80 5 credits - $7.00 10 credits - $13.50 25 credits - $32.00 50 credits - $61.00 75 credits - $75.00

Members who purchase $75 worth of credits in one transaction become premium members.

Types of Member Accounts

There are essentially two types of member accounts on MyGirlFund: regular members, and premium members.

Regular Members

A regular member is a member who has never purchased $75 worth of credits on one transaction. They may still have spent money on the site but simply have not become premium. It is impossible to know if they have spent money or not; some girls look at the number of model ratings - however some members specifically ask not to be rated, so this isn’t an accurate measure.

Premium Members

A premium member is a member who has purchased $75 worth of credits in one transaction. Premium members gain several features, including: $1 = 1 credit pricing, higher spending limits, the ability to initiate chat with models, 2-way video chatting (the ability to broadcast their webcam to you during a camming session), the ability to send private photos, and the ability to set a status message that will show up on the “the guys” page. If a member is premium, it will be listed on his profile page under his ratings.

Receiving Contributions From Members

Members are charged $1 per message to send models a message, that will appear in your inbox. Models will receive $0.65 for each message that they respond to, as long as it is responded to within a week. On occasion you may respond to a message and not receive payment - this is because when a new member signs up on MyGirlFund he is given 3 free credits to use on messaging. Some girls offer incentives such as photos or short videos for paid messages; if doing this, responding to the message first ensures that it is a paid, and not free, message.

Funds sent to you by members are called “contributions” and will show up in your inbox with a bold, green subject line. Models earn money through paid messages, as well as selling videos, photos, naughty live chatting, and webcam sessions. Currently members do not have the option to simply click a video on your page, pay for it, and download it - they must send the money to you requesting the video(s) that they’d like, and then you send them the content manually. This allows for a lot of wiggle room - for example, if a customer is inquiring about buying several videos, you may offer them to him at a discounted price. Many girls list their available content and prices on their profiles, which encourages guys to send contributions without having to discuss first, but you aren’t required to.

Members can also send contributions through escrow, meaning that the money is removed from their account and held by the site until you send the content that is specified in the escrow (either photos or videos - you cannot do both in the same transactions). This is a great way to ensure you are paid for custom content as the member cannot see the content that you send through escrow until he releases the funds to you, and it also ensures that they receive the content they pay for. If you send the content and the member does not release the contribution within 24 hours, it is automatically released to you. Escrows do have expiry dates so doublecheck when yours is due to expire to ensure you send the content on time, otherwise the member has to reset the escrow and there is no guarantee they will do that.


MyGirlFund has a unique feature where members can create contests for girls to enter. When creating a contest, the member sets a monetary prize. The funds for that prize are immediately removed from his account and held to be distributed to the winner, guaranteeing that a prize will be given out. The member selects how long the contest will run for, as well as what the contest will entail. Some members ask for videos or photos for their contest, while others may ask for a sexy story, advice, a funny joke, or anything else. Contest details are available for girls to view and enter if they wish.

It is important to note several things when entering contests. Only one prize is guaranteed; meaning that if the member says he will send contributions to runner-ups, there is no guarantee that he will do that. Likewise, a member may already have a model in mind as the winner and simply be collecting as much content as he can for minimal cost. All official contests will appear under the "Contests" tab; if a member writes about a contest on his profile page, it is not a guaranteed contest. Do not send videos or pictures directly to their profile page if entering a contest; when you submit your entry through the Contests page, there is a place to select any content you want to send. This ensures that you are correctly in the running as the winner.

Lastly, keep in mind that many contests get an abundance of entries. You can see the number of current entries when you look at the Contests page. A good rule of thumb to consider when entering contests is determining what your chance of winning is (based on the number of entries or the quality of your entry), and if you would be comfortable sending this content for free. Ultimately, even if you don't win you may receive a consolation prize or paid message (though this is optional for the member to send), or gain a new regular - but you may not. Use common sense when entering the contests!

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