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General Info


Project Maenad is a file sharing site where users can share videos, GIF’s, and pictures.  Project Maenad is currently in beta and is free for anyone that wants to join. The service is specifically marketed for cam models, although one does not have to be a cam model to join.  Project Maenad uses a link that you create to send to another user.  The link allows the user to click on a unique link (generated just for them) and download the content without having to sign up to the site. This is a major feature of the site and one of the largest reasons the site is convenient for cam girls to use. The site will eventually allow you to sell content, in which they will take a cut of your earnings, but there is no info on when that will happen or how much they will take.

The main page of the site is your dashboard.  Here you can see the links that you have made available, can create new albums and links, customize profile, and have access to the FAQ for the site.

Account Details

Account Details allows you to:

  • View Profile
  • Update Profile
  • Update Profile Images
  • Update Profile Links
  • ID Verification

Your profile is a one-stop page, with all of your stats and links to sites that you are on.  This gives users a preview of you and, if you allow it, access to what you offer as far as clips.

Uploads & Albums

Uploads & Albums is where all the content takes place.  This is where you are able to manage your albums, links, and customers. You also create your links to give to other users from this menu.

Manage Albums

You create your albums and upload files by dragging and dropping or using the “upload files” button to open an explorer window to find your content. You can have as many files in each album as you wish and are able to include a picture to represent that album. It is a recommended to keep all content in one album (all videos in a video album, pictures in a pictures album, etc.) and create new albums for customers, when you need to. 

A nice feature is copy, where you can click “copy” on a file and copy it to a different album.  This is very helpful for when you have a customer that has multiple content that will be linked.

You are able to name your album, give your album a description, price (although selling is not implemented yet), and can make it private so it doesn’t show on your profile.

Create Link

This is the option that you will use to generate a link for your customer.  There are a few features and options here:

  • Album – This is a drop down men,u where you will select the album that you want to generate a link to, for your customer.
  • Customer Name – This field allows you to enter in the name of the customer. If you have more than one customer for the same album, you can click on “Add Another” for multiple users.
  • Download Limit – This drop down menu allows you to determine how many times the customer can download the link. You can have it as a single download or up to unlimited.
  • Time Limit – This drop down menu allows you to determine how long the customer has to download the link. The options here are 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, and 28 days.
  • Password – This is where you will enter a password if you want to have the link password protected.
  • Note – If you need to leave your customer a note, this note will display on the download page.
  • Hide Profile Links – This check box option is for when you don’t want the customer to be able to see your profile.  This is very handy for sites that don’t allow info to be given out to customers like Streamate.  Streamate does allow Project Maenad links to be sent to customers, but only if the "Hide Profile Link" is active.

Manage Links

This is where you see all of the links that you have created.  The table is organized by the order that you created the link.  You can see the following:

  • Link – Here you can “view” or “copy” your link.  Copying the link will give you a link to paste for your customer.  Viewing will show you what the customer will see, when the link is clicked.
  • Downloads – This tells you how many times the link has been downloaded.  If you set a limit of how many downloads a customer can use, it will display “Limit reached”.  Once it displays limit reached, the customer's link will no longer work.
  • Time Limit – This displays the time you have given the customer to download a link. It will display “Limit reached” once the time limit has expired.  Once this displays, the customer's link will no longer work.
  • Note – This will display any notes that you wrote for the customer
  • Copy/Edit/Delete – This feature allows you to copy the link and creates a new link for a new customer.  Edit allows you to edit any of the fields, which is very handy if you need to change the amount of downloads or the time limit.  Delete deletes the link from the system and renders it useless to the customer.

Manage Customers

This menu displays a list of all of your customers and how many links you have generated for them.  The only feature here is you can click on the link's number and it will bring up a list of all the links that are active and inactive for that customer.

Upload Limits

Currently, Project Maenad does not have any limits to uploads or downloads.

Contributor to this Page

Special thank you to Princess Mika for writing this page.